How to draw arrows in Cad

If you learn AutoCAD or are learning about this software, you will probably be interested in how to draw arrows in Cad, So how to draw arrows in AutoCAD software? Please refer to the following article.

Draw arrows in Cad is an important operation that any AutoCAD user needs to understand, because it will be transparent throughout the use of your software. Typically, we will have two ways to make arrows that are using the PL and LE commands.

1. How to use the LE command to draw arrows in AutoCAD

– You type the command LE -> press Enter Then click on the screen and drag the mouse. You will have a satisfactory arrow.

– Where you want to draw in a straight line you use in combination with keyboard shortcuts F8: LE click the first point -> press Space -> F8 -> click the second point.

how to get the antenna in cad 2

– To draw an arrow in a curve you do this: enter LE -> press Space and then press the key F to open the board Leader Settings.

how to get the antenna in cad 3

Here we have 2 options:

Strainght: Draw in a straight line

Stline: Draw the curve

You tick the section Stline to select from the curve arrows and press OK, got it to save the changes. The procedure is similar with the straight line. LE -> Click the first point and click the second point to create a curve.

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2. How to use PL command to draw arrows in AutoCAD

This way we can draw thicker arrows.

First enter the command PL and press Enter

Next to type W ->Enter

Enter the beginning of the arrow Type 0 (because the arrow is pointed) ->Enter

Enter the last number of the arrow Type 2 (You want to customize the arbitrary arrow, here I enter is 2) ->Enter

Enter the length of the arrow Type 4 (You can type as you want here 4) ->Enter

how to get the antenna in cad 5

Import W ->Enter

Enter the first 0.5 ->Enter -> Type the number after 0.5 ->Enter

Enter the length of the target arrow Type 10 ->Enter

how to get a antenna in cad 6

So you have completed the thick arrow with the command PL.

Above is an instruction on how to draw arrows in Cad, with any tool, drawing arrows is very simple, if you use word, refer to Draw arrows in word here.

Similarly with Excel, drawing arrows in Excel is more troublesome than Word, but drawing arrows in Excel will be more helpful for you as you work and study.

Besides drawing one-sided arrows, we can also draw two-headed arrows. For details on how to draw a double-headed arrow in Cad, you can refer to the article we have shared.
In addition, after drawing arrows in AutoCAD we can also insert arrow notes. And knowing how to write arrow notes in Cad will help you express the visual content more visually.


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