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How to draw arrows in Word 2019


Refer to how to draw arrows in Word 2019 below if you are using the latest Office suite and need to represent a piece of text or a shape, the arrow icon will be appropriate and used by many more users. Enhance the visualization of the chart you want to express in Word.

In the previous tutorial, taught you how Write arrow notes in Excel Using the Shapes tool, in this article we will still use the Shapes tool to perform writing arrows, drawing arrows in Word with extremely simple steps.

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Write an arrow in Microsoft Word

Instructions for drawing arrows in Word 2019

Below we will use Word 2019 to demo how to draw arrows on Word with the main tool is Shapes.

Step 1: In the word editor program window, go to the menu Insert -> select Shapes -> Next, select the type of arrow in the Word you need to insert. Often you will go to Lines to select an arrow to draw.

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Step 2: Click on the position to draw, then click and drag the mouse in the direction you want to draw will appear an arrow.

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When you’re done drawing, if you want to change the length of the arrow -> click on the arrow will appear 2 small circles at the two arrowheads -> You just need to click on this small circle and then drag the mouse to change the length or shorten as you like.

how to get ten in word 2019 4

Step 3: To change the color of the arrow just drawn -> click the arrow -> on the menu Format -> select Shapes Outline -> Next is the color choice you want to change.

how to get ten in word 2019 5

Step 4: To change the width of an arrow, click Format ->Shapes Outline -> select Weight -> then select the size to change.

how to get ten in word 2019 6

If you want to choose the effect for the drawn arrow, go to the menu Format ->Shapes Effects -> select the effect we want, for example we select for example shadow effects.

how to get ten in word 2019 7

In addition, you can choose to draw curved arrows, draw curved arrows … if desired in the section Block Arrows:

how to get ten in word 2019 8

The following image is the result when you draw two curvy arrows:

how to get ten in word 2019 9

Above is a tutorial how Draw arrows in Word 2019 with the main tool used is Shapes. In addition, you can also draw arrows by inserting the arrow symbol in Word when selecting in the Symbols section – symbols that allow special characters. Reference way write an arrow in Word Click here to learn how to insert arrow symbols in Symbols.
Also, you can do it quickly by going to Google HERE -> click on Images to find images and then type the keyword “arrow” or “arrow icon” and press Enter to search will appear a lot of results are arrow images, the rest you choose the image Arrow image matching, copy and paste into Word documents is done. Reference way Insert pictures into Word Click here to learn how to paste and paste images into Word documents. Good luck!



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