How to draw straight lines in Adobe Illustrator

How to draw straight lines in Adobe Illustrator

In previous articles, showed you how to draw and edit curves with the Curvature tool in Illustrator. The following article will guide you how draw straight lines in Adobe Illustrator.

By using the Pen Tool, we can place anchor points on the artboard. These fixed points are connected by a path, forming a line, a segment or a curve. Refer to the following article of to learn how to draw straight lines in Adobe Illustrator.

1. How to draw straight lines in Adobe Illustrator

Note: In this tutorial, is done on Adobe Illustrator CS5, but you can apply the steps on all llustrator versions to draw straight lines.

Follow the steps below to draw lines in Adobe Illustrator:

Step 1: Select the tool Pen Tool from the toolbox or click P key. If you click and hold the mouse on the Pen Tool for about 1 second, the hidden Pen Tools will appear on the screen.

way to go straight in adobe illustrator

The first time you select the Pen Tool, a small x icon will appear next to the cursor. The symbol x here means we are about to start drawing a new path.

It is important to pay attention to the small icons displayed next to the Pen Tool pointer, because these icons affect the way the Pen works.

Step 2: Click on the drawing board 1, where you want to add the first fixed point to draw a line. Note not pulled.

If the lines are only visible (they look like extra lines coming from a fixed point), you accidentally pulled the Pen Tool and drew a curve, not a straight line. If this error occurs, press Ctrl + Z (on Windows) or Cmd + Z (on Mac) to undo and click again.

Step 3: Click again on the next fixed point.

way to go straight in adobe illustrator 2

To restrict the angle of the line to a multiple of 45 degrees, press and hold Shift key when mouse click.

Note: The first fixed point you create when you click on the first artboard will now be empty, and the final fixed point will be a solid square icon.

Step 4: To create other lines, simply click on the position on the artboard where you want to set the fixed point and Illustrator will create the path in the middle.

How to go straight in adobe illustrator 3

The path illustrated above is called an open path, i.e. the starting and ending points are different. We don’t have to create closed paths, open paths are enough to draw different types of paths, including lines.

If you want to fill an area, the ideal solution is to close the path. To close a link, just click on the first point you have created. A small circle icon next to the screen will appear next to the Pen Tool pointer, indicating the path will be closed.

How to go straight in adobe illustrator 4

How to go straight in adobe illustrator 5

After closing the path, the cursor will immediately change to indicate that the next time you click on the artboard, we will start creating a new path.

If you want to keep the path open, then start a new path, just press Ctrl + click mouse (on Windows) or Cmd + mouse click (on a Mac) anywhere, away from objects on the artboard. Alternatively, you can finish creating a path by clicking on any tool in the toolbox.

2. Add and delete anchor points

In some cases we will have to add or remove unnecessary fixed points. The rule is to use as few fixed points as possible to draw straight lines.

To delete fixed points, select the tool Delete Anchor Point Tool from the toolbox (hidden in the Pen Tool) or press the minus sign (-) on the keyboard. Then click on the point you want to delete.

How to go straight in adobe illustrator 6

Photos illustrate before (left) and after (right) delete fixed points

To add fixed points, click anywhere along the line with the tool Add Anchor Point Tool. Usually the path shape may not be much different after you add a point to the line, but when editing that point it will make a difference.

way to go straight in adobe illustrator 7

Basically, drawing straight lines in Adobe Illustrator is not too difficult, you can apply the above steps to draw and create different shapes.

way to adobe adobe illustrator 8

The above article has just taught you how to draw straight lines in Adobe Illustrator, along with straight lines, how to draw curves in Illustrator also on Taimienphi’s articles, how to Draw curves in Illustrator There is a little difference with the lines.

Hopefully the above article has provided you with useful information on how to use Adobe Illustrator. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.
The resizing function in Adobe Illustrator is also fully exploited, helping you to change the size (size) of objects on the image, see instructions. Resize in Adobe Illustrator Specific and detailed on Taimienphi.


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