How to earn Ruby in Minecraft Earth for free

Ruby, also known as Ruby, is an important resource in the game Minecraft Earth, they have a shelf life at the moment, Ruby in Minecraft Earth can be used to buy Buildsheet in the store and speed up time. make.

Minecraft Earth As a virtual reality game product developed and published by Mojang, Minecraft Earth simulation game allows you to build buildings in the real world using technical elements in the game.

Ruby – The important currency in Minecraft Eart

1. How to earn Ruby in Minecraft Earth
2. Guide to fabrication and metallurgy Minecraft Earth
3. Link to download Minecraft Earth game

How to earn Rubie in Minecraft Earth

You can get Ruby Minecraft Earth for free by collecting resources from around the world. As you walk around, you will see resource blocks, mobs or chests on your screen called Tappables. When standing in range, touch resources until they are opened. This causes the resources contained therein to be reduced, but if you’re lucky, you can get Ruby. Tappables seems to be quite popular and the chances of getting Ruby at this point are really good, so it’s worth playing for and doing this work, every resource block you see.

You can also buy Rubies in the store. To make purchases, click the Shop icon at the bottom right of the screen, then click the Rubies tab. Rubies can be purchased for real money, so make sure you buy the package you want.

– Stack of Rubies (40): $ 1.99
– Ruby Block (100 + 5 bonus): $ 4.49
– Chest of Rubies (200 + 20 bonus): $ 9.99
– Cart of Rubies (400 + 50 bonus): $ 19.99
– Trove of Rubies (800 + 150 bonus): $ 39.99

The main use of Rubies is buying a Buildsheet, which allows you to build new things in the world of Minecraft Earth. Buildsheet starts from 75 Rubies for Grassy Pasture (Grasslands) 8×8, and up to 375 Rubies for Sleep Village of 16×16.

Make sure you are looking for free Rubies in the world of Minecraft Earth every chance. The more Buildsheet you buy, the more things you can build in the game. Also you can refer to the method Fabrication and metallurgy in Minecraft Earth here. Wish you happy gaming.

Link to download Minecraft Earth game
Minecraft Earth has a much larger game base system than you would with other games, you can adventure in square blocks, build and do many other jobs.
– Link to download Android version: Minecraft Earth for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Minecraft Earth for iPhone


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