How to edit, customize ISO file with ImgBurn

How to edit, customize ISO file with ImgBurn

ImgBurn is one of the software that helps users to quickly create iso file and edit the content of ISO files. After downloading and installing Imgburn You can add or remove some unnecessary files in the ISO file.

ImgBurn, in addition to helping users create backups of data in ISO format, allows you to edit or add files in this ISO file easily. ImgBurn can run on any Windows operating system currently, on Linux you can run after using Wine. To edit the ISO file with ImgBurn you can follow the instructions below.

Instructions How to edit, customize ISO files with ImgBurn

Step 1: Download and install ImgBurn on the computer. download ImgBurn

Step 2: Perform the same installation steps as other software. And this is the interface of the program

Step 3: Now extract the iso file and put it into a folder as shown below

Step 4: Now you proceed to copy the software, programs, folders to the iso file extract folder

Step 5: After fully copying the software, programs and folders you want to add to the iso files, you return to the program interface. ImgBurn, Here, you click Create image file from files / folders

Step 6: Next a new window appears here you click Advanced then select Bootable Disc, Next at item Source Click on the icon (+) to lead to the iso file unzipped folder and add it.

Now, click on the option Make Image Bootable,the item Emulation type to None (Custom), Sectors To Load section click on 8. Boot Image and navigate to the directory containing the discharge data. Last item Extract Boot Image select the area where the iso file will be saved after compressing it

Step 7: Now after all settings are complete, click on the icon as shown below to compress the iso file again.

A dialog box appears Yes To confirm

Keep pressing Yes

Press OK, got it

And the transition was successful
Above, Taimienphi has just guided you how to edit, customize ISO files with ImgBurn, With this tip you can build yourself a versatile floppy disk that can be installed containing many different programs. In addition, to create ISO files and edit them you can refer to and use the software: PowerISO or Ultraiso to edit ISO files is also quite effective.


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