How to edit favorite quotes on Facebook

How to edit favorite quotes on Facebook

For many people, editing favorite quotes on Facebook is not a regular job, for this reason that not everyone remembers and knows how to change or add new favorite quotes on personal Facebook pages so that fit, express your own personality.

Over time, the old favorite Facebook quote is no longer relevant and you want to change a new quote that matches the personality and thoughts of the present time. However, because the user interface has been upgraded, it should work Exchange information on Facebook such as: name, date of birth and of course the editing of other favorite quotes, making many people confused when learning.

Instructions to edit favorite quotes on Facebook

Below, Taimienphi will share quickly to you how to adjust Edit favorite quotes on Facebook Fast and most accurate.

Edit favorite quotes on Facebook

First of all, you should note that the current tips to add and edit favorite quotes can not be done on the Facebook application on the phone, users only have to operate on the browser interface of the computer or phone.

Step 1:Proceed to login to Facebook on the computer browser and click Avatar to access Personal page .

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Step 2: Continue to click on the item Introduce on the function bar then select Details about you in the menu on the left
Step 3: Move the mouse cursor to the old citation section and click the button Edit just appeared.
If you have not Favorite Quote Before that, please click Add your favorite quotes to supplement.

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Step 4: Enter the text of the new citation and press Save changes to remember setting.

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With just a few simple steps, Taimienphi has shared with you how to edit your favorite quotes on Facebook accordingly. Hopefully, with this new change on your personal page will help people easily identify, express your thoughts and personality more.


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