How to edit the Word file Read Only

How to edit the Word file Read Only

In essence, it is not difficult to edit the Word file Read Only on your computer, to help you open a document that is only readable and made to edit, you need to clearly identify the reason for this phenomenon, so that there is Choose the fastest and most effective treatment option.

Open the Word file and read Read Only meaning that the Word file is only readable to users, but you cannot edit the content of the file. And so, the way to fix it is quite simple: turn off Protected View, or save the file with a different name … however, you should know clearly the reason why, from there, there is a thorough solution. would be the best solution.

The Word file says Read Only may be due to an error or may be set by the user

Instructions to edit the Word file Read Only newspaper

Cause 1: Due to the Protected View setting

If faced with this situation, the treatment is quite simple. You just got in File -> select Option

How to fix word file read only 2

Then choose Trust Center -> select Trust Center Setting -> select Protected View -> then remove the checkmark in 3 boxes as described in the image below -> and then press OK, got it to save is okay.

how to fix word file read only 3

Cause 2: Due to read only permission of the file

This is often due to the Word file being read-only by the user or file to restrict editing.

The treatment is quite simple. You just need to right-click on the Word file -> select Properties -> and then uncheck the box Read-only -> and then select OK, got it is going to fix this error.

How to fix word file read only 4

If you open the Word file and get a notification Protected view As shown below, the mode is similar Read-only is that you only see but not edit. This is the mode that helps your computer open files safely, so the way to handle them is simply to click Enable Editing will be editable.

How to fix word file read only 5

Cause 3: A computer infected with a virus changes the properties of the Word file

If the computer is infected with a virus, it can change the read-only attribute of the file, and then you will not be able to uncheck this section as done in Cause 2 because the virus has hidden this item already.

To fix it, you need to use software to recover the file or use one Antivirus software 2019 Best to scan, handle viruses and restore attributes of the file will fix.

Above are the causes as well as how to overcome edit the Word file and say Read Only as well as how to turn off Potected View. If using process but you encounter this phenomenon, please immediately refer to 3 ways to fix Read Only and apply to handle offline.
If you need to keep Word files secure, secure, and prevent others from opening files for viewing on shared computers, you should set password for Word file. Refer to the practices that has shared to protect their documents are safe, this is a good solution and will never be redundant.


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