How to edit videos on Android devices

Do you record and save videos on Android devices and want to edit videos better without having to switch to a computer? You can completely edit the video right on your phone if you know how. This article will guide you to cutting techniques, video integration, with video editing applications on Android such as Google Photos or YouCut, Adobe Premiere Rush.

How to edit videos on Android devices

Table of Contents:
1. How to use Google Photos.
2. Edit original video on Samsung.
3. Other ways.

1. Use Google Photos to cut videos on Android

The Google Photos application on Android allows users to trim videos recorded with the camera application. Many Android phones have Google Photos installed by default, but if you haven’t already, just download it on the Google Play Store.

Here are steps to show you how to cut and / or edit videos using the Google Photos app on Android:

Note: First, make sure the video you want to edit is saved on your device.

Step 1: Open the application Google Photos for Android.
Step 2: Search for the video you want to edit.
Step 3: Click on the video you want to edit to open it. The video will start playing on your device.
Step 4: Touch the screen outside the video to display editing options.
Step 5: Click the icon Edit(Edit), are horizontal three-dimensional lines with vertical marks (at the bottom of the screen) to access the options Edit.
Step 6: Your video will display with two white icons on the left and right, touch and hold 1 in 2, then drag to adjust the length of the video.
Step 7: Press Save copy in the upper right corner to save the video.

How to edit videos on Android devices

Don’t forget to save the video after you have finished cutting.

Step 8: Now both your original and cropped videos are saved in Google Photos.

2. Use original video editing capabilities on Samsung

If you want to trim a video on a Samsung device, there are built-in controls in the Gallery that provide access for basic functions. Just like the controls on Google Photos, you can trim videos with the ability to edit original videos on Samsung phones, but you can also adjust the video resolution, change the aspect ratio and add filters. .

Step 1. Open the video you want to edit on your Samsung device.
Step 2. Click the pencil icon in the lower left corner.
Step 3. Touch and drag one of the two lines of the video frame near the bottom of the screen to trim your video.
Step 4. If you do not want to make additional changes, tap Save in the upper right corner to save a copy of the cropped video. The original video is also kept on your device.

How to edit videos on Android devices 2

Edit videos with Samsung’s built-in editor.

Step 5. If desired, you can also click the icons on the Edit toolbar to:

+ Add filter.
+ Choose beauty mode.
+ Add caption.
+ Add stickers / emoticons.
+ Coloring and brightness.
+ Adjust the speed of video playback.
+ Add music to videos.

Besides, you can also press Resolution at the top of the screen to change video resolution and reduce file size.

3. Other ways to trim or edit videos

Even if your Android device lacks the Google Photos app or doesn’t have a video editor like a Samsung device, you can still edit basic videos by selecting videos, tapping the option Edit, cut and save videos.

The following three applications support video editing with more functions, but you may need to pay a fee or register to use without functional restrictions.

YOUCUT: VidAeo Editor & Video Maker includes video splitting and splitting features and many other options.

Trim: Lets you adjust the start and end frames in the video.
– Cut: Lets you select sections at the beginning and end of your video and skip a section in the middle of the video.
– Split: Split your video into two parts at any time you want (not split by default).

YouCut is a free app, but you’ll need to watch ads every time you save edited videos. You can also spend $ 9.99 per year to remove ads and get full access to features. Download YouCut for Android.

how to edit video on android device 3

Edit videos with YouCut.


If you want to edit video more in depth on Android devices, consider Kinemaster Video Editor (for Android and iOS) or Adobe Premiere Rush – Video Editor (for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS).

Kinemaster not only allows basic editing but also adds features such as creating multiple layers of videos, editing audio and accessing different content (e.g. music, graphics, fonts, etc.). Download Kinemaster for Android here.

Adobe Premiere Rush supports multi-layer drag and drop editing, with access to templates, fonts, motion graphics, etc. Your edits will be synchronized across systems, so you can switch devices and continue your work. Adobe offers a variety of packages, including a free starter pack (limited to 3 exports), an application subscription ($ 9.99 per month) or an All Apps Creative Cloud subscription ($ 52.99 each month). Download Adobe Premiere Rush for Android here.


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