How to enable God Mode on Windows 11, hidden folders

Shortcut Windows Master Control Panel – Also known as God Mode, is a special folder on Windows 11 that gives you quick access to computer management tools in a single window, saving you time. Looking for a lifetime, here Taimienphi will guide you to activate God Mode on Windows 11 as quickly as possible.

Version Windows 11 Microsoft has redesigned the user interface quite a lot from now on Start Menu, Taskbar until Setting, although quite beautiful, but users will find it difficult to find advanced settings, access becomes more difficult, so enable God Mode on Windows 11 will help users to find almost any setting or control in Windows.

Tips to enable GodMod on Windows 11 for quick access to computer setup tools

Reasons to enable God Mode on Windows 11

– Allow access to tools, quick Windows administrative settings
– Save time searching for controls in the Start Menu
– Provides many useful options for different tasks

How to enable God Mode on Windows 11

Step 1: Copy the name below, blacken the whole and press Ctrl+C

GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Step 2: At the Desktop Win 11 screen, click Right Mouse choose new =>Folder, create a new folder on the computer.

how to activate god mode on windows 11

Step 3: Press Ctrl+DRAW or Paste name copied in Step 1 => press Enter.

how to activate god mode capsule on windows 11 3

Step 4: Soon the folder name will disappear, you open the folder and you will see more than 200 settings menus to choose from, they are organized into categories like Backup and Restore, Security and Maintenance, Power Options.

show god mode on windows 11

– Go back to the main screen, you press F5 on the computer keyboard and the . icon God Mode Folder on Windows 11 will change.

how to activate godmode on windows 11
Windows 11 users can now navigate all the settings in the system without entering multiple settings menus. Not to mention God Mode shows the settings options in the page based on the classic File Explorer. Therefore, the search function can also help users to find the missing advanced setting hidden in Windows 11.

Reference: How to turn off the Windows 11 firewall

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