How to enable low system configuration priority in WinRAR

How to enable low system configuration priority in WinRAR

You want to download Winrar and use it when it does not take up system space. The following article will guide you how to install the software in Low Priority mode.

You want to install winRAR in low configuration mode so that you can do multiple jobs or extract multiple files. The following article will guide you how to recover data in compressed files damaged by WinRAR software.

How to set low system configuration priority

Step 1: After installing WinRAR, open the program in one of the following ways

Method 1: Click on the software icon on the Desktop (if during the installation process, you agreed to create a shortcut on the Desktop)

Correct the profile of Winrar

Method 2: Click here Start (bottom left corner of the screen). In the section Search Programs and files, Enter keywords Winrar Search results will be displayed right on the screen. Click on the search result “Winrar” to open the program.

– Win Xp: Use the software start command via the Run function according to the command “C: //programfiles/Winrar/Winrar.exe”

Low Priority settings in Winrar

Step 2: After opening the software interface, select the item Options and choose Setting. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.

download Winrar software

At the section Setting, you choose to find yourself at General.

settings set by Low Priority

Next, click on the square next to the text Low Priority. Then you press OK, got it to complete the conversion process.

Install Low Priority in Winrar
After, switch to mode Low Priority, WinRAR will work better. With this mode, you can both do and extract files easily without worrying about freezing or unzipping errors. Plus, the mode Low Priority will make WinRAR software not consume a lot of computer system capacity.


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