How to enable WhatsApp 2-layer security, turn on 2-step verification

By activating WhatsApp 2-layer security, you will limit unauthorized intrusion from strangers and increase the security of your WhatsApp account as well as protect other important information.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that is used by many people. However, in order to protect the account from being infiltrated from strangers, users need to activate WhatsApp 2 layer security.

How to enable 2-layer security on WhatsApp

Instructions to activate WhatsApp 2-layer security on phones

1. Quick Guide

Open the app WhatsApp => Select Setting => Select Account => Select Two-step verification => Select Turn on =>Enter Pin code.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Update or download WhatsApp to the latest version here:

+ Link to download WhatsApp for Android
+ Link to download WhatsApp for iPhone

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on the phone. At the main interface select Setting.

Activate the 2nd love effect on whatsapp

Step 3: Continue to choose Account => Select Two-step verification to enable WhatsApp 2-layer security.

whatsapp 2 verification

Step 4: Choose Turn on afterward enter password

activate double lop cover on whatsapp

Step 5: Confirm the password again =>Enter Email to use when you need to re-issue your PIN (you can skip this step)=> Then press Next

Activate two-pack on whatsapp on mobile phones

Besides, if you don’t want to use your WhatsApp account anymore, you can delete your account according to the instructions shared in the article below of

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Results after successfully activating WhatsApp 2-layer security

verify 2 messages on whatsapp on the phone
Here is the tutorial How to enable WhatsApp 2-layer security? aka enable WhatsApp 2-step verification to improve the security of the account to avoid unauthorized access by others.

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