How to enter FPT

To access FPT is not difficult, although not technologically savvy, just follow the instructions in the article of Taimienphi, you can still complete your own modem configuration and edit the parameters. Believe, set the set according to your own wishes.

IP address is a familiar tool, used by technical people or ordinary users to access modem configuration, modify password, Wifi name. However, if you are a new user and do not spend technology, you will probably feel confused when trying to login FPT .

Instructions on how to enter FPT

That’s okay, in this article Taimienphi will bring a guide with notes when doing it to help you get into FPT quickly and easily.

Actions you need to know to log in FPT

The first thing to note to login FPT Telecom is that you need to connect the device to the correct Wifi modem to edit. If you use a desktop computer, you can connect with a cable. With laptops or mobile devices, tablets, you just need to log in to the correct wifi that is.

Whatever device you use, a browser tool should be installed. Taimienphi chooses Google Chrome and recommends using it to enter because of its popularity and stability.

Interested users can download Google Chrome for Android or iPhone here:

– Chrome version for iPhone: Download Chrome for iPhone
– Chrome version for Android: Download Chrome for Android

Download Google Chrome for Windows and MacOs computers here:

– For Windows: Download Download Chrome
– For MacOS: Download Chrome for Mac

Step 1: Once you have connected the device to the correct Wifi, open the browser tool and enter the address

How to enter 192 168 1 1 fpt 2

Note: 168.1.1 is the IP address that is set by many network operators so customers can easily access and reconfigure the settings as desired. However, sometimes for some reason this IP is changed. In this case, you can refer to the instructions on how to find the FPT modem IP address Here.

Step 2: When successfully opening the FPT modem IP login window, you enter User (Account Name) and Password into the dialog box to access.

In this step, most users often have difficulty because they cannot remember exactly what their modem account name or password is, then try to enter the default password and account name as admin.

This is the only default setting of FPT, in case you cannot log in, please call immediately switchboard 1900 6600 for advice.

After logging in, FPT’s configuration screen will be displayed as follows.

Access to 192 168 1 1 fpt 3
So with just 2 simple steps that Taimienphi has just introduced, even if you don’t know much about technology, you can enter it yourself. FPT and make corrections to the settings or edit the password, wifi name, … as desired. If using a wifi modem of Viettel, you refer to the way Viettel here.


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