How to enter Viettel

How to enter Viettel

Logging into Viettel is the first step that we need to take to be able to edit the name, Wifi password or reconfigure the modem device of this network to optimize productivity, while limiting users. Other access affects the quality of your network usage.

If you are a new user without a lot of experience, then you will probably have difficulty accessing it Go to Viettel to modify or optimize the modem.

How to access Viettel on computers and phones

In this article, Taimienphi will guide you through the login operation to configure Viettel modems and some necessary notes during the process.

Detailed instructions on how to enter Viettel

The first thing that you need to prepare to access Viettel or any network is the browser. Currently, Google Chrome is a popular browser, with full versions for computers and phones. This tool is appreciated by many users for its convenience and stability while working.

If not already installed, you can download Google Chrome for your Android phone or iPhone in the link below:

– Chrome version for iPhone: Download Chrome for iPhone
– Chrome version for Android: Download Chrome for Android

Similarly, you download the Google Chrome browser for computers:

– For Windows: Download Chrome
– For MacOS: Download Chrome for Mac

Once you have a Google Chrome browser on your device, you should now do the following to log in to Viettel

Step 1: Open the browser on your computer or your phone, Enter in the address bar to access the configuration of Viettel modem.

Access to 192 168 1 1 viettel 2

Note: IP address or Viettel is used by default on many of its modems. However, due to many reasons, you cannot log in the modem via these two addresses. Now you need to check again Viettel IP address here

Step 2: Once you have entered the Viettel modem configuration window on the device, you will need to enter User (Account Name) and Password to login.

Method 1: Log in to Viettel with the default password

For many users, the wifi name and login password are kept unchanged from the installation. So you can refer to some account name and default password below to log in to Viettel

Username: admin
Password: admin or 123456


Username: vtadmin
Password: vtadmin or 123456

Access to 192 168 1 1 viettel 3

Method 2: Go to Viettel with the parameters on the device

You can take Username and Password on the sticker on the modem. This sticker is usually attached to the bottom or the side of the device.

Typically, these parameters usually have the following format:

Username: admin
Password: DNSWxxx

Method 3: Contact Viettel to log in to configure the modem

If you have tried both of the above methods and you still cannot access Viettel, you should call directly switchboard 1800 8119 for specific instructions.

When you log in successfully, the working window will display as shown below.

Access to 192 168 1 1 viettel 4
So Taimienphi has finished showing you how to access Go to Viettel or Viettel, so simple, right? After you have successfully logged in, you can now freely rename, change the Wifi password or edit some settings in the modem as you like. Hopefully, the last tutorial will help you. If you are using VNPT network, please refer to login method VNPT here.


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