How to enter Code of Unparalleled Pride DUO

How to enter Code of Unparalleled Pride DUO

On the occasion of the launch of the new version of Thien Tung Tuyet The and the server Long Phung, NPH DUO gives gamers some extremely valuable GiftCodes, the main reward is Bach Kiem Command to improve combat power.

In Thien Tung’s version, the developers of Unparalleled Pride have added new equipment, 8-star teammates, advanced forged stone … the fastest way to own precious items This is using Code Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO.

Unparalleled Swordsmanship DUO – Greatest Martial Arts on NPH DUO’s computer

1. Compilation of Code of Unparalleled Pride DUO
2. How to enter Code of Unparalleled Pride DUO
3. How to get a new Code of Pride of Swordsmanship DUO

Code Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO

CODE 4: V06A01
CODE 5: V04A01
CODE 6: V01A02
CODE 7: V05A01
CODE 8: V03A01
CODE 9: V02A01

Taimienphi is updating more rewards, please come back later to use more GiftCode Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO to receive many items such as Forged Stone, Silver Key, Gold Key … okay.

Instructions for entering the Code of Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO

Condition: Complete the Beginner’s Guide to the Arrogant Sword Wushuang DUO.

Step 1: Log in to the game, find the NPC Le Quan in the ten great sects or 5 big cities with specific coordinates as follows:
– Xiangyang: 822, 440
– Bianjing: 862, 407
– Yangzhou: 828, 439
– Phuong Tuong: 828, 406
– Chengdu: 895, 405

Game code clamor for song duo

Step 2: Dialogue with NPC Ceremony, click select Get Privilege Card Rewards.

the code is like a song duo

Step 3: Next you enter Code Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO in Enter Privilege Card number số => click Confirm.

How to enter giftcode to sign up for a song duo?

Where can I get more Code of Pride and Song DUO ?

There are many ways for employees to receive the Unparalleled Swordsman Code, the simplest is to participate in a special event at the pages of the Unparalleled Swordsman, each code can only be used once per employee object.
– Home Code Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO
– Fanpage Code Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO
– Club Code Group Code Arrogant Sword Unparalleled DUO
– Websites get free Codes HERE

Above is the entire latest Code of Arrogance, the Unsung DUO that NPH just revealed a few minutes ago, hopefully they will help you in your adventure journey more interesting and attractive. Have fun reading the game.


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