How to enter Paypal name

Although Paypal has been around for a long time, there are still people who ask how to enter Paypal name when registering, create a PayPal account, create an account, so in the following article, would like to share with readers how to fill out The most accurate and effective Paypal name.

For you involved in making money online, Paypal account is indispensable because Paypal account will help you receive and send money online transactions quickly and effectively. Therefore, the registration and Enter Paypal name is indispensable. Let’s track how to fill in the name below to get the correct action quickly.

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How to enter your name when signing up for Paypal

To fill in the Paypal name correctly and correctly, you need to understand what is Firt Name, Last Name, Firt Name corresponds to Given name, meaning first name, and Last Name corresponds to Family name, meaning last name.

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If your name is Tran Thanh Tu, fill in the Given name with Tu, the Middle Name is Thanh and the Family name is Tran. If your name is more than 3 words like Tran Nguyen Thanh Tu, you can fill in Given Nam’s name is Thanh Tu, Family’s name is Tran Nguyen, you can skip Middle Name or you can enter Given name la Tu, Middle Name is Thanh, Family Name is Tran Nguyen. These methods do not affect the order of the names when you withdraw money.

However, remember to enter your full name without accenting according to the regulations of Paypal.
Hopefully, with the instructions above, you already know how to fill in the name when registering, create a Paypal account.


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