How to enter the key IDM copyright

How to enter the key IDM copyright

Entering the key IDM copyright is relatively simple and does not take too much time to do but there are not many users know how to do, the following instructions of Taimienphi will illustrate fully the actions to help you activate. Internet Download Manager copyright is fast and most accurate.

Good IDM software has a full name of Internet Download Manager is a familiar tool that supports downloading files in the browser quickly and effectively. IDM is provided free of charge for users to use within 30 days, after this period, if you want to continue using it, you must buy a license key.

How to enter the key IDM copyright

If you have purchased a license but do not know how to enter and activate it, the following article of Taimienphi will guide you How to enter the key IDM copyright The most complete and accurate.

Instructions on how to enter the key IDM copyright

First of all users need to install or update the latest version of the software on the computer. Link to download Internet Download Manager versions will be shared immediately by Taimienphi.

– Download Internet Download Manager software here: download IDM

After installing or updating IDM successfully, you continue to perform the following steps to activate the copyright.

Step 1: Open software Internet Download Manager on the computer;

Step 2: In the main work screen, click the item Registration In the software toolbar, select Registration ;

how to enter the idm key

Step 3: A dialog box Registration of use appears, at this time you enter personal information including: Full name, address Email and Registration number (License key) . Once completed, press OK, got it .

enter the idm key

Step 4: Now you have completed the activation of copyright IDM, but to ensure success, please click on the item Help , choose Information about using IDM To test.

enter the idm key

Step 5: Dialog box Introduction to Internet Download Manager appear. If you see your personal information and number Serial number As the picture shows, you have activated successfully.

enter the idm key

With 5 steps that Taimienphi has just introduced, it is not difficult for you to yourself Enter the copyright IDM key Correct to activate and use on your device. If you encounter any difficulties in the process of entering IDM license key, please leave a comment below this article for the fastest support!
There are many people who encounter Fake Serial Number error when using IDM, this is an error that appears when users intentionally use IDM without registering, to fix Fake Serial Number IDM error is also simple, you can refer to many Tutorial on Taimienphi or on the Internet.


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