How to equip each PUBG gun accessory the most reasonable

PUBG Mobile is a survival shooter game that is loved by a lot of players with extremely diverse weapons and accessories, PUBG Mobile has a lot of ways to attach accessories to weapons, but this is not the best combination. The best for each gun line?

For those who just started coming into contact with survival shooter like PUBG Mobile, having a lot of accessories to combine with different types of guns will be confusing and newcomers to PUBG Mobile often do not know which is the best and most effective choice for the guns they have picked up.

How to combine weapons and accessories reasonably

Currently PUBG Mobile has the following versions, download the appropriate version below:

– Download PUBG Mobile for Android.
– Download PUBG Mobile for iPhone.

The most effective ways to combine accessories and weapons in PUBG Mobile

Assault Rifle

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Assault Rifle (AR) is the most popular and versatile gun in PUBG Mobile with the ability to shoot from a range of medium to medium range. With the right accessories, AR guns will promote extremely good strength in gun battles and this is why all PUBG Mobile gamers are fond of this gun.

When shooting at close range, the rifles are most effective when fitted with Holo or Reddot, midrange prioritizes midrange range from x2 to x4, and at long range you can use x6 but should switch back to manufacturing. single shot.

The next will be about the handle. Vertical Grip (Vertical Grip) is an option commonly used for weapons with high recoil, but M416 or M762 to mind can recover faster, reducing recoil of the gun. The triangle handle (Angled Grip) reduces horizontal and vertical recoil, making it suitable for close-range gun shooting situations.

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The Extended QuickDraw Magazine is of course the optimal choice for guns with both quick reload capability as well as more magazine loads. In addition, there are two other types of magazines that can be used to quickly change or increase the number of bullets so you can use them temporarily before picking up a good one.

Shock absorber is the first choice for gun barrel to support accuracy with each bullet. The silencer is also very reasonable when shooting at medium range to hide its position.

Tactical Stock is also an important accessory to reduce recoil and increase gun accuracy.

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

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DMRs are suitable for shooting at medium range, so Scope X4 or above is the best. Usually DMRs have 10 to 20 bullets, so an extended or quick expansion magazine would be best for DMRs. The vertical grip is better for DMRs because it can help with good recoil and DMRs are usually shot in single shot mode.

Hot silencer will be the most suitable gun barrel when you shoot in a survival game like PUBG Mobile, then it will go to the shock absorber barrel.

Sniper Rifle

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Sniper guns are specialized for long range shooting, so long range scope is extremely suitable. X8 will be the most stable option, then x6 and x4 will be. The silencer is the next priority for sniping without being exposed. The magazine is not so important because Sniper is usually One hit One kill and no need to change bullets urgently.
Above are the ways to equip accessories for each gun line. You can see the latest updates PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 with the Halloween launch here


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