How to escape the wanted warrant, GTA 5 police all levels

How to escape the wanted warrant, GTA 5 police all levels

Escaping the wanted, police in GTA 5 is not always as easy as you think. In this article, Taimienphi will list different ways for you to run away from the police, not get caught by the police even at the maximum wanted level of 5 stars.

The fact that players make trouble while wandering in City of Los Santos is quite common when playing GTA5, both Online or Offline. From blowing up cars to randomly hitting innocent citizens, every violation of the law you commit has a degree of punishment, the bigger the crime, the more stars.

Tips to play Grand Theft Auto V to escape the police wanted

Ways to escape the wanted warrant, GTA 5 police at all levels

1. Pass the allotted time
The first and simplest method to escape the wanted in GTA 5 game that you can choose, just hide somewhere until the police stop chasing. It is important to check the radar, because when you are being chased and the police see you, it will flash red and blue. However, if the police lose track of you, the radar will stop flashing and the wanted stars will flash instead. You need to disappear from the sight of the police as soon as possible. It’s best to have a quick transport to do that. Time

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In a certain period of time, if you escape and are not chased by the police, the number of stars will immediately disappear, the time specified for each wanted star level in GTA 5 is different (table below), 5 Star is the highest wanted level.
– One star: 30 seconds
– Two stars: 45 seconds
– Three stars: 60 seconds
– Four stars: 75 seconds
– Five stars: 90 seconds

2. Los Santos Customs, repair and change the look of the vehicle
In GTA Online, players can use Los Santos Customs and other repair shops to change the look of their vehicle, removing the Wanted status. However, they cannot use it in the normal story mode to escape a police wanted in GTA 5. Furthermore, the police will recognize a stolen car in GTA Online if the player does not modify its external appearance.

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3. Change vehicles
If the player escapes the police for a moment, they can quickly switch vehicles. This reduces the possibility of being tracked, as police searches are based on the last known location and the color, model and origin of the vehicle the player was last seen driving.

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When changing vehicles, the arrow of the player’s location on the radar will change from white to gray, indicating that the vehicle has not been detected. Just don’t get in the direct line of sight of any police units or get their attention in any way… At higher wanted levels, vehicle swapping is essential. necessary to escape. In addition, use GTA 5 codes to make vehicle exchange easier and faster.

4. Safe house
Similar to previous GTA versions, if the player is able to get to a safe house and use the save function, the wanted warrant will be removed. However, this feature is not applied if you are wanted 3 stars or more.

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5. Bribery
This method only works in GTA Online. Just call Lester Crest after you have unlocked this character during the story mission, all wanted levels will disappear for a fee, the amount of which depends on the number of stars you are getting.

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6. Disguise
Players can equip a disguise before committing any crimes so that they are less likely to be recognized. During the chase, simply removing the camouflage can reduce the Wanted Level by one star.

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Always have how to increase or decrease the wanted level in GTA V unique that many gamers do not know. Hopefully, the above sharing will bring players exciting moments of entertainment with the best open world RPG on the planet.


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