How to export text in photos using Chrome

How to export text in photos using Chrome

Chrome users of version 74 and on can already experience how to output text in photos with Chrome through enabling flags on Chrome browser. Extracting text in this image is quite simple, you will not need to spend more time installing additional utilities or using specialized software to convert.

Job Export text in photos into text Today, users can use conversion software or install external utilities to handle. Those applications and software can refer to: Google Lens, or Easy Screen OCR software or convert images to text on Google Drive … but the most feasible and fastest way is now you can export. Text in photos on Chrome web browser itself.

Use the Chrome browser to convert images into text documents

Instructions for outputting text in photos using Chrome

– Download the browser ChromeThe latest here.
– See more Chrome user guide here.

Step 1: Open the browser Chrome up, then at the address entry -> you enter chrome: // flags Go to the address bar -> then press Enter to access.

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Step 2: Display Experiments appears -> you enter the keyword Experimental Web Platform features into the box Search flags as described in the image below:

How to clean chrome chrome state 3

Immediately the search immediately results in the yellow bowl. You switch the word mode Disabled Fort Enabled to enable the feature flag Experimental Web Platform features.

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Step 3: You will see Chrome web browser requires you to restart the browser before using -> click Relaunch Now to comply with Chrome browser requirements.

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Step 4: After the application restarts, you access the address or click directly COME IN

Step 5: New interface appears -> you click Choose File to download the image to extract into text. You should select images in portrait format and currently the application only applies the conversion with text in the English language.

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Then find the image to convert to text -> and select Open.

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Step 6: Press the button Submit To send images to the system, you will wait a few seconds for the application to analyze images.

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As a result, you get the textual content as text as the image below. The extracted content will be displayed immediately and above will be the extracted text, and below will be the original image with text.

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Finally, you can copy the extracted text to use, instead of having to spend time editing, manually typing.

How to clean chrome chrome 10
Above is the whole way guide export text in photos with Chrome Pretty simple and useful for users. This feature is still in its infancy and is currently in beta testing on Chrome, so it may cause errors when you use it, especially if you convert images with text in accented Vietnamese. However, Google will soon upgrade and improve soon, so users will have a more complete and smoother experience.


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