How to export the list of participants on Zoom when meeting, studying online

Implementing a way to export the participant list on Zoom allows you to know how many people participated in the meeting, online learning, making attendance on Zoom simple, saving time. Besides, this way of exporting Zoom participant list also helps you to know participant information (full name, email …) easily.

Job online attendance It’s not easy at all, it takes time, but it’s different with Zoom. Instead of applying the method of viewing all members in Zoom or performing the traditional way of taking attendance of students on Zoom in turn, you can apply the way to export the list of participants on Zoom for easy and quick attendance. . All you need to do is follow a few steps how to export a list of meeting participants on Zoom below is okay. Everyone who participates in the meeting, learning online will be visible to you.

How to view all members in Zoom easily with Zoom participation list export feature

– After 30 days from the time of the meeting, online learning takes place, all information related to the meeting and learning will be deleted. Or you delete the meeting, study online from Previous Meetings, the information is no longer the same as the meeting never took place.
– At the end of the meeting, online learning, you should create a list of participants.
– You can also export the list of speakers in the meeting, study online.

How to export a list of participants in an online meeting or study on Zoom?

Request: To export a list of participants in a meeting or online learning, you need to meet the following conditions:
– You are the Host.
– Usage reports feature is enabled.
– Use a premium account like Zoom Pro, Business, API Partner or Education.


Step 1: On a web browser, you open and log in to Zoom.
Step 2: In navigation panel on the left, you click “Account Management“then click on”Reports“.

How to see only participants on Zoom

Step 3: In tab Usage Report, you click “Meeting“. At this point, the list of past and upcoming meetings will appear. You search in the meeting, online study that you want to export the list. You can enter the meeting ID for quick search.

Step 4: In tab Report Type, there are 2 options appear, you 1 in 2:
Registration Report: export Zoom join list.
– Poll Report: Export the list of respondents to the poll question.

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Step 5: Next, you choose 1 of the following 2 options:
Search by time range: Search by time. Next, you click “Search” to search.
Search by meeting ID: Search by meeting ID. Next, you click “Search” to search.

Step 6: You click “Generate“.
Note: You can click on each box that you want to select and export list of participants in multiple meetings. Next, you click “Generate“.

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At this point, Zoom redirects to the Report Queues tab. You click “Download” to download the list.

The list of poll participants will be as follows:

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The list of Zoom participants is as follows:

How to get a list of people participating in a Zoom meeting?

Thus, you apply the steps in how to export the list of participants on Zoom if you want to take attendance, see the participant information. When the list is exported, you can easily see how many participants, who is absent, their full name, email.
Zoom also has a multitude of different features, helping users join or create meetings easily, and can control everything effectively such as How to view the meeting history on Zoom on a computer, how to find a copy of the meeting. Record on Zoom after class, meeting, how to use Zoom without software….

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