How to fac listen to music and watch movies on computer

How to fac listen to music and watch movies on computer

Gom Player is a free movie and music player. You want to install GOM Media Player on your computer to use this software to listen to music and watch movies. However, you are not a person who is knowledgeable about software installation, why? Please follow the article below offline!

You are using GOM Player (also known as GOM Media Player) as the main movie and music support software on your computer. However, because of a problem, your computer has to reinstall GOM Player but does not know how to install. Now want to reinstall, then what to do? This article will help you to install GOM Player by yourself on your computer easily and quickly.

System requirements:
Gom Player works on most versions of Windows operating systems from Windows XP SP3 and above.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: You must first download the latest software version here Download GOM Player
After starting the download file, a new window will appear, this window informs the user to choose the language for GOM Player.
How to install player
Step 2: Next, a new window will appear, informing the user that you are installing GOM Player on your computer. Click “Next” to move to the next step.

How to install player on the computer

Step 3: Next, a new window will appear to briefly introduce you to the terms of use of the software, introduce some features and minimum configuration to use GOM Player. After fully researching the software information, click ” I Agree“to go to another step.
Install the latest player update 2020
Step 4: After pressing “I Agree“, the system will switch to a new window. This window requires you to customize the configuration and parameters to suit your computer and requirements. After customizing, click”next“.
How to install player on the computer
Step 5: In this step, you will choose where to store the GOM Player software. You can leave the default installation on drive C or select another storage drive. After making your selection, press the “next
How to assemble the player to watch movies and listen to music
Step 6: Next, the system will move to the automatic installation. At this point, you just need to wait for the software to install and extract the file into the storage directory.
Install the player guide
If you see a screen like the one above, the installation is complete, just wait and wait for the results.
In the framework of the above article, we have instructed you how to install GOM Player to listen to music and watch movies on your computer effectively with quite detailed steps, so that you can listen to music and play Video freely without seeing. whatever problems arise.


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