How to Fake IP by HOLA

How to Fake IP by HOLA

According to many users, the way of Fake IP by Hola is the simplest, effective and most used solution, with just a few simple installation and setup operations, you can access the websites at Any country we want.

Fake IP with HOLA is one of the ways that you can change temporary IP address in the fastest way to access foreign services and websites where they prohibit Vietnamese IP addresses from accessing. A special feature when Fake IP with HOLA is the compact feature and easy installation, we can Fake IP on Chrome, Firefox with HOLA easily. Because this utility installs the browser as an Extenion, therefore, Fake IP on Chrome, Firefox is much simpler than before.

Instructions on how to Fake IP by HOLA effectively

In this article we will guide you how to Fake IP by HOLA on Chrome, and Firefox version or other versions you can apply and follow by the way to install to use Fake IP using HOLA is exactly alike.

Guide Fake IP by HOLA

– Download HOLA Chrome version here, Download HOLA for Chrome
– Download Firefox version HOLA here, Download HOLA for Firefox

Step 1: Then remember to click Add to Chrome to install Hola.

how to fake ip bang hola 2

Step 2: Next you press add convenience to add Hola to chrome.

how to fake ip bang hola 3

Right after installing Hola, you will see it there Extension icon this on the browser.

how to fake ip bang hola 4

Step 3: To use, just click and country selection , such as the US.

how to fake ip bang hola 5

Or choose hundreds of different countries to Fake IP by HOLA ..

how to fake ip bang hola 6

Step 4: Wait a moment after clicking to let Hola help you Fake IP with HOLA.

how to fake ip bang hola 7

Step 5: When the Hola icon replaced by the national flag, the Fake IP with HOLA on Chrome was successful.

how to fake ip bang hola 8

Suppose is accessing a website and it is informed that this service is only available in the US and in this case we will Fake IP using HOLA on Chrome. First click on the Hola icon.

how to fake ip bang hola 9

Then you Click on the American flag icon , note that Hola only works with websites that are open and for that site alone.

how to fake ip bang hola 10

After completing the switch to the US flag you just need to press F5 to refresh the website will be accessible immediately.

how to fake ip bang hola 11

What about Fake IP on phone?

Please be assured that Hola supports both Android phones and iPhones, so if you are in need of Fake IP on Android, iPhone in addition to Fake IP on Chrome, you can download and use Hola here.

– Download Hola Android version, Download Hola for Android
– Download Hola iPhone version, Download Hola for iPhone
Above is how to fake IP by HOLA, with HOLA, the fake IP IP. become too simple, moreover this utility is completely free and Fake IP by HOLA does not affect other services and processes on your computer. So this is really the best way of Fake IP with HOLA you should use.


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