How to Fake Korean IP

South Korea is one of the countries where gamers want to fake IP most because there are many good games released, with the way Korean Fake IP in this article will surely satisfy the needs of gamers to be Experience Korean games with the simplest way.

There are many ways to Fake Korean IP However, to find a Korean Fake IP is simple, easy to use for everyone and the most important thing it must be really effective when Fake IP Korea is not simple, there are many services to use. only makes us more annoyed by the quality and speed that it brings when changing Korean IP.

So how to make Korean IPs most effective, one way Korean Fake IP introduced in this article is to use Softether VPN Client, a software that allows you to change Korean IP extremely fast with a constantly updated VPN list by software. Specifically, see the instructions below of to know Korean Fake IP ways.

Guide Korea Fake IP

Step 1: First, download the Softether VPN Client software to your computer here, Download Softether VPN Client

Then proceed to download the Softether VPN Client and click on the software and next to install.

how to fake korean ip 2

Step 2: Here you continue to choose Softether VPN Client then click Next.

How to fake ip Korea 3

Step 3: Next agree to the terms of the software and next.

How to fake ip Korea 4

Step 4: At this step, you can choose where to store the software, if not too interested, you can click next always.

How to fake ip Korea 5

Step 5: After completing the installation of the Softether VPN Client, click Finish.

How to fake ip Korea 6

Step 6: At the interface of Softether VPN Client, double click VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers.

How to fake ip Korea 7

Agree to turn on VPN Gate and press continue OK, got it.

how to fake korean ip 8

Step 7: Agree with the warnings of Softether VPN Client and press plan Agree.

how to fake ip korea 9

Step 8: Keep pressing OK, got it to confirm VPN Gate activation action.

How to fake ip Korea 10

Step 9: Softether VPN Client interface with the VPNs appears, click on Region to filter countries and select Korea Republic of okay, note, select Line Speed ​​as high as possible and when click is complete click on continue Connect to the VPN Server.

How to fake ip Korea 11

Step 10: Click continue Use TCP Protocol to continue conducting Fake IP Korea.

how to fake korean ip 12

As soon as the VPN Gate section displays Connected, which means that the Korean Fake IP has been successful, now try checking to see if it is actually Korean Fake IP or not.

how to fake korean ip 13

Step 11: You try to access the ip testing service like whatismyadress, the system will automatically recognize your IP and as shown below you will see the subject Region Soul ie we have successfully Fake Korean IP.

how to fake korean ip 14

And in case you want to cancel Korean Fake IP, just right click to select Disconnect is done, too simple is not it.

How to fake ip Korea 15
The above is a guide on how to fake Korea IP, there are still many ways to help you have Fake IP Vietnam into a country other than Korea, and of course you can do it similarly when using Softether. VPN Client to Fake IP Vietnam into any country in the list of support of this software.


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