How to find lost iPhone using iCloud, locate iPhone, iPad and device

With the latest way to find lost iPhone with iCloud, it will help you locate the location of your phone drop or loss. Besides, with how to find iPhone, you can also use the remote lock feature to protect personal and important information on the phone.

Find My iPhone feature helps you to find lost iPhone, locate iPhone, iPad, Mac when dropped. Here is an article to guide you to read how to find lost iphone with the latest iCloud.

How to find lost iPhone quickly

Instructions to find lost iPhone, locate iPhone location

1. Find and locate iPhone with iCLoud on the phone

Step 1: Open the app Find on iPhone => Select Device => Select Device to look for.

How to find a broken iPhone

Step 2: You can now choose from options such as:

+ Play sound: An audible tone is played on the phone for the user to easily locate.

+ Directions: Leads you to the location of the iPhone.

+ Notice: This function is used when searching, your device is not connected to the Internet or is powered off. Notifications will be sent to you when the device is turned on and connected to the network

+ Marks lost: This mode will allow you to enter a message and a phone number. When someone picks up your phone will read this information.

iPhone heart is broken on the phone

Refer to how to find lost iPhone with another phone shared in the article below to quickly find the phone to avoid losing important information stored on the device..

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2. Find and locate iPhone with iCLoud on computer

Step 1: Access the iCloud homepage by following the link:

Step 2: Proceed to login iCloud by entering Gmail and password

iphone heart broken with computer

Step 3: Here you choose the item Find iPhone.

heart broken iphone

Step 4: Choose All devices => Select Device you want to search.

broken heart and mobile phone

Step 5: Now you will be able to see location of iPhone (4) and have more other options (5) as:

+ Pronunciation: Play a sound to find your phone easier
+ Lost mode: Lock the device and the user will enter the phone number and message so that the person who finds it can contact the information you left.
+ Erase iPhone: This mode will activate when there is a network connection and wipe iPhone data.

how to fix iphone
So with the above methods, you will easily find your lost iPhone, easily locate the iPhone’s location, so that the search will be much easier.

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