How to find rare Pokemon in Vietnam, Hanoi, TP. Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang

You want to have strange Pokemon, or legendary Pokemon, it takes very hard to find them, with the following application will help you shorten the stage. Own yourself the strongest pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is a game that has been storming around the world lately. To play the best game, players need software such as Go Chat. The reason is because Pokemon Go does not have a live chat feature on the interface, so to exchange information, Pokemon coaches need to use GoChat to chat and share gaming experiences with each other.

In the game, players will have to move in real life to catch the Pokemon. After locating Pokemon, players turn on the Camera and use Pokeball to throw at Pokemon. How to use PokeBall to throw Pokemon properly and accurately is very important, because the PokeBall orb in Pokemon Go is quite hard to find. If you are afraid because you do not know the location of Pokemon, how to catch rare Pokemon, use the Go Radar software to detect Pokemon.

How to find rare Pokemon in Vietnam, Hanoi, TP. Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang:

You can download Go Radar iPhone here: Download Go Radar for iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the Appstore, search for go radar, then download the Go Radar application as shown.

Step 2: Go Radar software will immediately locate you on the Pokemon map.

how to find pokemon in vietnam

Step 3: Expand the map, you will see a lot of Pokemon around.

how to find pokemon in vietnam

Step 4: Click on each Pokemon icon on the screen, you will see the name and countdown time of this Pokemon disappeared.

how to find pokemon in vietnam

Step 5: Choose a rare Pokemon and click on the steering wheel icon to find your way to that Pokemon.

how to find pokemon in vietnam

Step 6: The software will quickly show you the nearest route to Pokemon and the distance and time it takes to move.

how to find pokemon in vietnam

Above is how to use Go radar software to search for rare Pokemon. This is an indispensable application if you want to become a talented coach in Pokemon Go.
After catching rare Pokemon, quickly gain experience points for Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are ways to help you increase Pokemon experience points quickly in the game Pokemon Go that you need to learn to increase the power of Pokemon as well as characters.


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