How to find, restore, open Command Prompt on Windows 10 Creators Update

This article will guide you how to find, restore and open Command Prompt on Windows 10 Creator. There are many ways to restore the familiar functionality that emerged on the Windows 10 Creator Update. Let Taimienphi learn some methods to restore cmd on Windows 10 Creator Update

Command Prompt is a Windows command program with DOS interface and command-line functions for interacting with computers, users are often called CMD. However, in recent years, Windows has developed more PowerShell program with interface and more advanced features and is also a preparation step to kill the old Command Prompt. In the Windows 10 Creator Update, Windows will officially kill the Command Prompt and will instead use the PowerShell program as the default command interface. However, the Command Prompt will not completely disappear but will be a hidden feature similar to Internet Explorer on Windows 10. There are many different ways to Open CMD on Windows 10 Creator Update, Taimienphi will guide you in the article write this.

Return Command Prompt to the default menu

In Windows 10 Creator Update, Windows PowerShell will become the default command interface and display in the Menu when you right-click the Start button.

To change the options and return the Command Prompt to the default menu, follow these steps.

Step 1 : Press the key combination Windows + I to open Setting App

Step 2: Disable options: Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the start button or press Windows key + X

This will bring up the Command Prompt when you press the key combination Windows + X or right click on the button Start

However, if you still want to set PowerShell as the default program, you can refer to some methods to open Command Prompt as follows:

Method 1: Click the button Start on Windows 10, type the phrase “cmd”, Then press Enter

Method 2: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run, then type the phrase “cmd”, Press OK, got it

Method 3: Right-click the taskbar, select Task Manager Or you can also press the key combination Ctril + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager

Click on the tab File, choose Run new Task

Type the keyword “cmd”Then press Enter to open Command Prompt

Method 4: Open Windows Explorer by pressing the key combination Windows + E, then type in the address bar the phrase “cmd”, Press Enter

Method 5: Click the button Start, find the item Command Prompt in the Windows folder
Above are some ways to restore Command Prompt on Windows 10 for you still want to use the old command interface after updating the Creator Update. In addition, you should also refer to the instruction to copy and paste the command in cmd to be able to work more easily.


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