How to find simple wifi password

How to find simple wifi password

Using wifi is now a necessary and popular need when we will be able to catch it everywhere. And small tips that Taimienphi share with readers below will help you find the wifi password near you in the simplest way as well as free and save up to 3G / 4G charges.

Wifi network is now almost everywhere, with relatively stable internet access speed. However, most of these wifi are always set to lock mode, and require us to update the password to be able to connect to that wifi network. So, to solve this problem, readers can use the simple wifi password search method below and especially, no need to install any additional software and ask for the password.

How to find simple wifi password

1. Find the wifi password on the computer

Step 1: Use any web browser, you access the website to find support wifi password HERE

Step 2: A small message box asks you to let the tool know your location. Press Allow let the system determine your position more easily.

how to find wifi password don 2

Step 3: Next, you move and click the red dots corresponding to the area you are looking for wifi passwords, to get information including wifi names and access passwords, scroll up and down to zoom in, zoom out thing. Each red dot corresponds to the wifi hotspot and the password you can access and use for free.

how to find wifi space don 3

2. Find the password on the phone

Step 1: Similar to on the computer, on the user interface of the phone, you open any web browser and access the website that supports finding the wifi password HERE

Step 2: Initially, the system will ask you to confirm the permission to use your current location to assist you find wifi passwords near you more easily. Press OK, got it to agree.

how to find wifi wifi don 4

And immediately you will see your position on the screen

how to find wifi wifi don 5

Step 3: To find the wifi password around you, use two fingers to zoom in and out of the map and click the red dots closest to your location to get wifi login information including your name and password. .

how to find wifi wifi don 6

In addition, if you find it difficult to find your way to an area with wifi, you can press and hold on the number in the Location line and select Copy.

how to find wifi space don 7

Open the Google Maps app and paste the sequence into the search box and press Search

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And now you can use the directions feature of Google Maps to navigate to areas with free wifi to use.

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So, with the simple method of finding a wifi password that Taimienphi shared above, hope you will find yourself a free wifi hotspot without having to spend additional money to use as well as register for 3G / 4G. In case you are the owner of a wifi modem, always change the wifi password to protect your connection, changing the wifi password for each modem is different, so you need to know each modem individually.


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