How to find you on Lotus

How to find you on Lotus

The friend search feature on Lotus is equipped with Vccorp on its new social network with smart suggestions, high information processing speed so that users can easily find, follow and interact with you. friends or people we care about quickly and effectively.

Lotus social network Although it has only debuted, it has received much attention from netizens. After you have created a Lotus account, surely now you want to follow the article or interact with lots of friends. However, you do not know how to do it yet Find you on Lotus?

How to find you on Lotus

Right now, Taimienphi will share with you how to use Search function to find you on Lotus quickly and effectively.

Instructions for finding you on Lotus

Step 1: First you need to Open the Lotus application from the phone screen as usual;

Step 2: Right on the interface News Feed appears by default when you log in, click Search bar above;

how to find on lotus 2

Step 3: You enter the account name or nickname of the friend you want to search and press Go;

how to find on lotus 3

Step 4: The system will listed list The results, you click account icon of the friend I want to find.

how to find on lotus 4

So you quickly find accounts of friends or relatives on Lotus. At this point, the last action you need to do is click Follow good Message , …. interact with that person.

how to find on lotus 5

Lotus supports Android and iPhone devices, choosing to download Lotus to your device with the following options:

– For Android devices: Download Lotus for Android
– For iOS devices: Download Lotus for iPhone
Thus, Taimienphi has guided you 4 simple steps but necessary to Find you on Lotus . Hopefully, after consulting and performing this little tip, you will get more interactions, collecting valuable Token on Lotus social network. In addition, you refer to more ways Posting on Lotus here.


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