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How to fix 10 common OneDrive Sync data errors


OneDrive is an Internet-based platform, used to store your files. It’s like having a hard disk in the cloud. The more files and folders that are stored and synchronized, the higher the chances of a OneDrive data sync error. In this article, will show you how to fix the 10 most common OneDrive Sync data sync errors.

Rated as one of the best cloud storage services, OneDrive allows users to store and sync documents and access across multiple devices. However, it is not a perfect system and sometimes you will encounter problems, such as files that refuse to sync. Although many different errors occur during using OneDrive, data synchronization is probably the problem that many users face. Here, we will learn together 10 OneDrive data sync errors common and how to fix them.

Table of Contents:
1. Problems with the account or from Microsoft.
2. Account connection.
3. Use OneDrive on Linux.
4. Size of files and folders.
5. Reset OneDrive.
6. Check the file path.
7. Reconnect the OneDrive account.
8. Check security rights.
9. Selective synchronization.
10. Update Windows and OneDrive.

How to fix 10 common OneDrive Sync data errors

1. Problems with the account or from Microsoft

The first thing you’ll want to know is whether there’s a problem with your system or the OneDrive service. To find out, right click on the icon OneDrive and click on View online to open files in a web browser.

If the file does not load, then the problem may be from Microsoft and not by your system. The only thing you can do now is wait until the problem is fixed.

2. Account connection

Another possible reason for asynchronous files is OneDrive account Not associated with your Windows account. To link these 2 accounts together, do the following:

– Click on the icon OneDrive to open the application.

– Choose More> Settings> Account.

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– Click on Add an account.

– Enter the email address for your OneDrive account.

– Login with your password and click next.

Complete the process by following the instructions you see on the screen. Your OneDrive and Microsoft accounts will be linked together. Then, try to sync the file again.

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3. Use OneDrive on Linux

Microsoft OneDrive does not have an official application for Linux users. However, you can sync your cloud files using Insync – a 3rd party synchronization tool for Linux.

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Insync is compatible with Linux Mint, Ubuntu and the most popular 64-bit Linux distributions. To sync OneDrive, follow these steps:

– Download and install Insync for Linux.
– Login with Microsoft account.
– Select the files you want to sync to the cloud or computer.

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– All synchronized files will be in the folder Base Folder in the Insync application.

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4. Size of files and folders

The largest file that can be uploaded to both the free and paid OneDrive plan is 10 GB. If you’re thinking of hosting a website on OneDrive, compare HostScore from other hosting providers to make sure it has the bandwidth, speed and resources you need to store all your files. friend.

If any files are larger than this limit, zip them before uploading. Just right click on the file, click Send to> Compressed (zipped) folder.

how to fix 10 types of onedrive sync data transfer gap 6

Then try syncing the file again to see if the problem is fixed. To check again, click on the icon OneDrive white or blue. If you do not see the icon, click the up arrow in the notification area, select More> Settings.

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Click on the Account> Choose folders. If there are any files you don’t want to sync, uncheck them.

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5. Reset OneDrive

If your files are not synced, sometimes turning off and turning on OneDrive may also solve the problem. Therefore, restart the OneDrive app by right-clicking on the cloud icon and selecting Close OneDrive to reset it.

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6. Check the file path

When a file is not synchronized, checking the entire file path name is essential. Please make sure it is no more than 255 characters and includes the file name. Sometimes, if you use multiple nested directories, the path may become too long.

Move the file to a higher level directory or rename it to fix this problem. To rename a file, right-click on the file and select Rename. The special characters in the name of a file may be supported online but not offline or vice versa. This may be the cause of an asynchronous file problem.

For example, OneDrive does not support “*:? / |, so if your file contains one of these characters, remove it.

7. Reconnect the OneDrive account

When none of your files sync, it could be a problem with your OneDrive account connection. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your account to resolve this issue:

– Open OneDrive, select More> Settings> Account.

– Click here Unlink this PC.

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– In the window that opens, you choose Unlink account.

– To reconnect your account, log in with your email address.

how to fix 10 types of onedrive sync data transfer gap 11

– Enter your account password, login and click next.

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8. Check security rights

Privacy rights control access to files and folders. You cannot sync a file without access to it. To check your privacy, do the following:

– Right click OneDrive from Windows Explorer and select Properties.

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– Next, you choose Security> System.

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– If you see any item in status Deny, you change that to Allow.

– Click your name in the Users list and click Advanced.

– Choose Replace all child object permissions> Apply to have full control over your OneDrive files and folders.

9. Selective synchronization

If one or more files and folders are not in sync, it may be because you are using selective synchronization option. To fix, you change this setting by:

– Open OneDrive.

– Click here More> Settings> Account> Choose folders.

– Choose an option Make all files availables.

– Click OK, got it to save changes.

10. Update Windows and OneDrive

Are you using the latest version of OneDrive and Windows? Program updates are very important. If you don’t set up automatic updates, then you can do this manually:

– To update Windows, type Update Settings Go to the search bar and click Windows Update settings. Then proceed to the on-screen instructions to update the latest version of Windows.

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– To update OneDrive, go to Settings> Information. Search for the version number and click on it. Next, a link will open in the browser, taking you to the OneDrive download page. You can also check the homepage of OneDrive to see if you are using the latest version of the application.
Above are the 10 OneDrive data sync errors that users most often encounter during using this cloud storage service. If you are facing one or more of the problems listed above, immediately apply the corresponding fix to resolve the problem.



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