How to fix a jammed printer

A printer jam is a frequent problem during our use of the printer. This printer jam error is usually due to many reasons, but if you pay a little attention you can completely fix this printer error yourself.

Using printers is now becoming popular not only in the workplace but also at home due to the nature of each person’s work. In the process of using the errors caused by the printer, it has a lot of influence on your work progress, especially the printer jam that occurs quite often, especially on devices that are heavily used. with large daily print capacity or unused long-term printers. Therefore, with the following article, Taimienphi will guide you how fix printer with paper safes on the spot as quickly as possible to promptly complete the unfinished work. Interested readers, please follow along.

Cause paper jam on the printer

– The print media is misaligned and uneven
– The paper is too wet, stick together
– Sensor split paper broken
– The sack of silk (The dryer lot) is torn

How to fix a jammed printer

Step 1: Turn off the printer completely. This helps the printer completely cool down the mechanical and drying parts inside the machine. To identify the cause of paper jams due to which parts need to remove the printer and check so turning off the printer is the first thing to do and reduce the heat for the dryer unit.

Step 2: Open the printer cover, gently pull out the cartridge (cartridge).

Step 3: Next, you pull the jammed paper out in the direction of the paper when printing, avoiding pulling backwards causes the paper to tear. And if you’re trying to remove a jammed paper inside the laser printer, you don’t want the fuser to generate extra heat.

Attention: If the jammed paper is near or near this part, wait for it to cool down and then remove it, if you pull it out and still notice the paper jam, you should carefully check again for a small piece of torn paper. somewhere on the printer’s path (remove or open the input tray and follow the input path to the output tray, opening all covers you see).

Step 4: Insert the cartridge (cartridge) and turn on the printer again

Restart the printer, if the printer shows that paper is jammed, check if there are any paper scraps inside. If you are not sure if your operation is correct, then you should call the printer repair specialist for the best support, make sure the printer is back to normal operation.

How to prevent paper jams

-Choose the standard print paper, not too thin resulting in paper or creased, nor too slippery resulting in poor friction, the printer could not pull the paper in.

– Put only the same type of print paper in the paper tray, not two different types of print paper. Because many of the printer control panels have entries or lists by which you can choose paper by name, type, thickness, or other standards. If you’re not sure which paper your printer uses, see the documentation for the device.

– Put moderate paper in the tray, do not put too much or too little

– When reloading paper, pay attention to how the paper is loaded, check if the length or width bar is not adjusted.

Above are all instructions from the cause to how to fix the jammed printer that Taimienphi wants to share with readers. In addition to the error of printer jam, the error of the printer hangs also makes less experienced users feel confused, if you encounter this case, please refer to how to fix a suspended printer error that Taimienphi has instructed.
Hopefully this article is helpful and will help you to overcome the printer jam at home or office work. In case you cannot handle it yourself, contact a reputable printer repair center for assistance. Good luck.


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