How to fix AutoCAD lag, hang, slow running

How to fix AutoCAD lag, hang, slow running

AutoCAD stutters, lags can be due to a number of different reasons such as hardware problems, network problems, or corrupted files. Whatever the cause, this phenomenon makes you uncomfortable when working with the software. In this article, will share with you some ways to fix AutoCAD lags, crashes or slows down.

AutoCAD is a popular CAD application software, used by architects, engineers and construction professionals to create intuitive 2D and 3D drawings. To install and use AutoCAD, your computer must meet certain configuration requirements. However, even if you own a highly-configured computer, you may still encounter AutoCAD errors that are jerky and laggy during use. In this article, we will learn together the causes of stuttering and lag in AutoCAD and some ways to improve AutoCAD performance.

Instructions to fix AutoCAD hang, lag

I. Causes.
II. How to fix errors.
1. Enable hardware acceleration in AutoCAD.
2. Update the graphics driver.
3. Set software priority.
4. Update the software.
5. A few other remedial methods.

I – The cause of the error AutoCAD lags, hangs

The phenomenon of jerking, lag on AutoCAD can occur due to a number of reasons such as:
– Outdated graphics driver.
– The network is disconnected or slow.
– A file is corrupted.
– Don’t know how to set up the graphics configuration for the computer.
– Open too many working tabs, overloading the GPU.

II – How to fix AutoCAD glitches, lag

1. Enable Hardware Acceleration in AutoCAD

While working with AutoCAD, if you experience some problems such as slow hover, program constantly pauses or freezes, drawing files open slowly, or AutoCAD commands hang while executing, turn on the feature. hardware acceleration in AutoCAD with the following steps:

1.1. For AutoCAD 2015 and above version

Step 1: In the AutoCAD interface, type the command 3DCONFIG on Command and press Enter.
Step 2:
In the window Graphics Performance, you turn on the option Hardware Acceleration to mode On and check all the effect settings below.

how to fix autocad error

Step 3: Then you click OK to save changes.

Another way to enable hardware acceleration in AutoCAD is to use the OP (OPTIONS) command. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Type command OP (OPTIONS) and press Enter.
Step 2:
In the window Options, you click on the tab System and choose Graphics Performance.
Step 3: Window Graphics Performance same appears. Here, you enable the option Hardware Acceleration to mode On and check all the effect settings below.
Step 4: Then you click OK > Apply to save changes.

1.2. For AutoCAD 2014 and below version

The way to enable hardware acceleration in old AutoCAD software, such as AutoCAD 2014 and below, is a little different. If you are using one of these versions, do the following:

Step 1: In the AutoCAD interface, type the command OP (OPTIONS) and press Enter.
Step 2:
In the window Options, you click on the tab System and choose Performance Settings.
Step 3:
In the next window, click the . button Manual Tune.

Cad experienced lag when bat diem die

Step 4: In the dialog box Manual Performance Tuning, you choose Enable hardware acceleration.

Autocad 2018 is laggy

Step 5: Finally, click on OK to save changes.

Note: This feature can only be used if your graphics card supports OpenGL, 2D and 3D Graphics API. Otherwise, the hardware acceleration option will be grayed out or not working.

2. Update the graphics driver

As mentioned above, outdated graphics drivers are also one of the causes of AutoCAD jerky and slow running errors. Updating graphics drivers is very important to keep your computer running smoothly and compatible with new graphics processing environments. To update the graphics driver on your computer, do the following:

Step 1: Type device manager go to Windows Search and select Device Manager from the search results to open the device manager.

AutoCAD hangs

Step 2: Find and click Display adapters.

AutoCAD 2017 running fast

Step 3: Right click on your graphics card and select Update drivers.

Choose character in cad

Step 4: Next, click Search automatically for drivers (or Search automatically for updated driver software) and the system will automatically find and update the graphics driver to the latest version for you.

Sua text in cad bi cham

3. Set software priority

Windows shares processor resources among all running processes based on their priority. If a process (application) has higher priority, it will get more processor resources for better performance than a process with lower priority.

In the Task Manager, you can set the priority for AutoCAD to ensure the performance of the program. You do the following:

Step 1: Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager.
Step 2:
Click on the tab Details and choose acad.exe.
Step 3: Right click on acad.exe and choose Set Priority from the context menu.
Step 4: Then choose Realtime is the highest priority.

Draw the line in cad

Changing the priority will only take effect during the current AutoCAD software session, after you exit AutoCAD or restart your PC, the settings will return to default.

4. Software Update

Updates often bring new features as well as bug fixes. So you should always keep your software up to date with the latest service packs and bug fixes for smooth performance.

5. A few other remedies

– If using a wireless external device, such as a mouse or keyboard, check the device’s battery charge level.
– Check the network connection.
– Clear the AutoCAD graphics cache by typing CACHEMAXFILES on the command line and setting it to 0, then restart AutoCAD. (Set CACHEMAXFILES back to 256 after reboot).
– Disable anti-virus software.
– Uninstall and reinstall AutoCAD.
Error AutoCAD is jerky, lag causes time loss when you manipulate the drawing. If you encounter this phenomenon, please apply the solutions shared by in turn to solve the problem.


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