How to fix black screen NoxPlayer

Although NoxPlayer is an Android emulator for an average configuration machine, NoxPlayer still won many hearts of users, but during the use process, many people encountered the NoxPlayer black screen error, making the user experience suffer Influence, to overcome that please invite you to follow the article below of to get the most effective remedy.

NoxPlayer android emulator is so familiar to many gamers, and they are rewarded with different names like Nox App Player or Nox, just Create a NoxPlayer account, you can use to play android games on your computer Sometimes when you use, you may encounter some similar errors like the black screen, and to fix those problems, follow the article. hey.

NoxPlayer – The most effective Android emulation software available on computers

– Link to download the PC version: NoxPlayer

1. VGA is not supported or available, but will get an error when used
2. VGA has not been updated
3. Updated VGA but not stable
4. Nox App Player old version
5. Nox is in low profile mode

How to fix black screen NoxPlayer

1. VGA is not supported or available, but will get an error when used

Some VGA or also called the following graphic cards will unsupported for Nox software

– Intel G33 / G31 Chipset Family
– Mobile Intel (R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Supported but some problems may occur during software usage

– Intel HD Graphics 4000+ (Intel Haswell HD Graphics – GT2)
– Intel HD Graphics 5000+ (Intel Haswell HD Graphics – GT3)

2. VGA has not been updated.

For cases where VGA has not been updated to the latest version, you can use the software Double Driver of Taimienphi to upgrade the software to the highest version of the publisher.

3. Updated VGA but not stable.

Maybe some VGAs after updating to the latest version are not stable, or the device compatibility is not as high as the old versions. In this case, you can think of reusing previous VGA versions, which can sometimes be attributed to a common problem with software. And the Double Driver software we talked about above has the same capability.

how to fix screen to noxplayer 2

4. Nox App Player old version

New versions of Nox App Player software are always upgraded and added many new features, and they have been fixed to fix some basic errors in previous versions. Therefore, you should regularly update the software to the higher or latest version to increase the efficiency of Nox App Player, avoid some incomplete software errors.

5. Nox is in low profile mode

Sometimes during the game experience or using a few high-capacity programs, requiring high configuration, the addition of CPU and RAM is a quite necessary, helping the software can achieve stable performance, run smoother. To do that you need to go into settings Setting on the NoxPlayer application.

how to fix screen to noxplayer 3

Display System settings appears and you choose Advanced settings to enter advanced setup.

how to fix screen to noxplayer 4

Here you can change the configuration, allowing you to use more or less Ram from calculator for simulator. If selected Custom You can automatically set Ram at will, then select Save Setting and restart NoxPlayer.

how to fix screen to noxplayer 5

Above are some instructions on how to fix black screen error for NoxPlayer, if you’ve done all the above and still get it, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Or you try to switch to use another Android emulator like Bluestacks, Memu, Droid4x, … hope the article above will help you.
For NoxPlayer users, there are errors such as black or uneven color screen when using and that affects your necessary experience. In today’s article, Taimienphi will point out some causes and solutions when encountering this case.


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