How to fix blue screen errors on computers, BSOD Blue Screen

How to fix blue screen errors on computers, BSOD Blue Screen will be guided by below, you can fix this error effectively and quickly to use computers effectively.

Blue screen of “death” also known as Dump or Blue Screen of Death. Every time your computer screen suddenly turns blue, this means that your computer system is failing, which has become an obsession for Windows users.

How to fix blue screen errors on computers, BSOD Blue Screen

To be able to identify the main cause of and fix the blue screen error constantly or when booting, it is not so simple. Here will list some main reasons and you can perform one of these ways sequentially to be able to check the blue screen error on your computer and have a way to fix the blue screen error. so that the most effective.

Fix and fix blue screen errors on computers

Blue screen error is caused by many different causes, the main reasons why you encounter this annoying Blue Screen of Death error are:

– The RAM memory is faulty or due to loose plugging
– HDD problem, BAD hard drive, loose hard drive plug,
– VGA Driver (Video Card) is not compatible with computer hardware
– Blue screen error due to Virus
– Blue Screen BSOD error due to Service services of 3rd party software
– Blue screen error when plugging in usb, installing additional software, hardware
– System file error, Windows
– Conflict between software
– CPU, RAM too hot

1. Computer has been dumped when booting Windows (not yet shown and Logo loading stage).

In this case, it is possible to confirm that the cause is due to hardware failure. You need to check the hard drive and RAM.

– For hard drive may be due to choosing the wrong hard drive connection standard. You restart the computer, press the button F2 or Del to enter BIOS of the machine. Many models will have different ways to enter the BIOS, and if you do not know how to enter, you can refer to the article on how to enter the laptop BIOS that we shared earlier.

Then go to the entry Boot , choose SATA Configuration, if it were IDE then switch to AHCI or vice versa.

the computer screen is green

– For RAM, you can remove it and use paper or sanitary napkin slot and copper plated pins of RAM, then plug it into another slot to see if there is an error. If it still does, you can get another stick plugged in and try booting up the computer to check again.

2. Windows driver is incorrect or conflicted

In this case, you should upgrade the driver that your computer is using by using the program DriverEasy latest version.

Blue screen computer screen page

To search and update new drivers for your computer, please refer to the article how Update Driver with DriverEasy

If you do not want to use the software in a hurry, you can press F8 when starting Windows and access the boot selection screen.
If you still don’t get the F8, use Windows’ Safe Mode. This mode will help you boot the operating system at a certain limit to ensure safety for the computer.

3. Due to the computer infected with Virus

If your computer has a virus, they can cause software conflicts, which is also one of the reasons why your computer screen is blue. So you need to install virus scanners (such as KIS or AVG) and conduct a scan to fix the error.

blue screen win 8 due to virus

In addition, you can also choose one of the 10 software Antivirus software 2017 The most powerful way to find and remove dangerous viruses, malware, Trojans and system errors.

4. Turn off 3rd party services

Sometimes 3rd party services (Services) that are installed during use also cause conflicts with the system. So fix the blue screen of death by turning off third-party services, not allowing those services to run along the Windows startup process quite effectively, this is also a way to help accelerate quick boot of computers and laptops your.

Press the key combination Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. Here you type msconfig to go to the System Configuration window.

blue screen error win xp when restarted

On the System Configuration window, switch to the tab Services to manage the services. Here you select the option Hide all Microsoft Services to hide Microsoft services to avoid accidentally turning off system services.

The computer screen is blue

Press Disable all To turn off all 3rd party services such as Bluestacks (Bluestacks Android Service, Bluestacks Plus Android Service), Google (Google update service) then press OK, got it to save your changes. At this step, if not selected Disable all then you can select each service that you suspect causes blue screen error for your PC, laptop

blue screen win 10

If you have turned off all 3rd party services and no longer get a blue screen error, try activating again one by one to check what is causing the error on your system.

5. Error of Graphics Card Driver or graphics-related hardware

This problem usually occurs due to a driver error, the most common is the driver of some graphics card or hardware related to video / graphics.
– Reinstall the driver or update the new driver for your graphics card
– Disable hardware acceleration with graphics chips: note that this is only a temporary way to handle blue screen error only, but in the long term, there is no reason why we turn off a great feature great like this. To do this: go to Start> type “Display” in the search box. Go to Change Display Settings> Advanced Settings> Troubleshoot> Change Settings. Here, set the “Hardware acceleration” bar to off (none). Then restart your computer.
– Replace the graphics card: This is the last solution when all the above methods are not effective. If the card is damaged, you can take it for warranty or buy a new card depending on the situation you encounter
loi driver card by flower

In this article, I have shown you how to identify and fix blue computer screen errors. If you encounter one of the above conditions, please try the remedies as we recommend.

Wish you can find the error yourself and fix the blue screen by applying the ways outlined in the article. You can refer to the cause and how to fix the computer is suddenly shut down so that if you encounter such error, it will be easy to fix.
If your computer or laptop is experiencing a blue screen error, you have found a way to fix or have experience handling this Blue Screen error. Feel free to leave your comments below for further assistance and sharing your experiences.


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