How to fix broken computer mouse, jump around

How to fix broken computer mouse, jump around

In this article, will guide how to fix broken computer mouse errors, specific jumps and details according to each cause of this error such as changing the connection port, checking the moving surface.

The status of the mouse cursor jumping around on computers and laptops made many users extremely upset. When the mouse cursor jumps, the first thing you need to do is turn off all applications on the computer and fix the computer mouse jump around according to the instructions below of

Instructions to fix broken computer mouse, jump around

There are many causes of hovering error on the computer and most of them are not many people know or know about, hopes with the causes we show and guide how to fix. The computer mouse error juggling around in this article will meet the needs of your readers best.

How to fix the mouse cursor jumping around

1. Switch the connection port

It seems the way to fix the mouse jump around is not too difficult if the cause is only due to the computer connection port, your laptop has a problem. If you are using an external mouse connected to the computer via USB, you should unplug the mouse, then plug it into another port. How to fix this mouse jump laptop error also helps you know whether the problem lies in the mouse, the connection port or the touchpad.

2. Disconnect other devices

Sometimes the mouse pointer error jumps because you connect many other devices at the same time such as pens, touchpads, keyboards. This causes conflicts between devices and inadvertently leads to a hovering mouse cursor error. To fix the mouse pointer error, you should disconnect between multiple devices and check again.

3. Check the hover surface

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For concave and concave mouse surfaces are also very common cause of the mouse jumping around because the laser eye of the mouse is constantly changing. You should find a smooth, smooth surface or use a mat to fix the mouse jump laptop error.

4. Check your computer for viruses or spyware problems

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When you encounter a mouse pointer error, it can also be caused by your computer being controlled from an external device via spyware or viruses. You need to immediately install and use anti-virus software to solve and fix the confused mouse computer jump. If the situation of the computer does not change, you should seek the help of qualified people to quickly fix the mouse PC mouse jumping by remote intervention.

5. Update the computer mouse and touchpad driver

If you encounter a hovering cursor error, you also need to check for updates of the computer mouse and touchpad driver. Because if the driver is old, it can also cause the mouse wire jump error, and many problems arise on other hardware devices….

mouse may not be able to move

To update the mouse and touchpad driver, you need to have an Internet connection and update directly in the Device Manager window.

6. Remove Hide pointer while typing mode

Hide Pointer While typing mode allows you to hide the mouse cursor when typing text. Notably, this is also a common cause of the mouse cursor error jumping around. To fix laptop mouse, the computer jumps due to this mode, you just need to turn off this mode.

Step 1: To enter Control Panel on the computer. Depending on the operating system you are using, you may refer to the instructions go to control panel on Windows 7,8 and 10 that introduced.

Step 2: In Control Panel Find the item mouse

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Step 3: In the window Mouse Properties, you select the tab Pointer Option, uncheck the box Hide pointer while typing, then press OK, got it.

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7. Boot the computer in Clean Boot mode

Clean Boot mode is a startup mode that shuts down all software and drivers that affect the machine, so you can easily resolve and fix the hovering cursor. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: You press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run. Input “msconfig”, Then press OK, got it.

restart the computer from a clean boot

Step 2: In the tab General, you choose Selective startup, tick selected Load system service and deselect Load startup items

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Step 3: In the tab Service, tick selected Hide all Microsoft services, then press Disable all.

how to fix the computer, flashing wildly

Step 4: Restart the computer and check to see if the computer mouse error has jumped.

8. Turn off the Touchpad laptop

Touchpad activation is also a leading cause of many users encountering computer mouse errors jumping around, unstable, and how to fix the jumpy mouse core simply by disabling and turning off the touchpad on the computer. count.

To fix laptop mouse error, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: To enter Control Panel on your computer. How to access Control Panel on Windows 7,8 and 10 computers is quite simple and there are many options that we have sent to readers.

Step 2: In Control Panel Find the item Device Manager

how to fix the computer, flashing wildly

Step 3: In the section Mice and other poiting devices, right-click the Touchpad entry corresponding to the hardware on your device, select Disable

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Step 4: Restart the computer and check the phenomenon.

9. Install third party software to disable the touchpad

Disabling the touchpad comes in many ways, including using third-party software. introduces you to Kid Key Lock or Madie software that allows you to easily disable the touchpad with just a few basic steps, with Kid Key Lock, you will not need to do many operations with the system.

10. Replace the mouse

After checking the cause, if broken mouse, you should replace the mouse and check with the original computer mouse repair operations. Usually, the mouse has been used for a long time or the cable connection has a problem or causes the mouse pointer to jump around.

Above are some ways to handle the cursor error hovering on the computer screen. There are many causes of wired mouse or usb mouse errors, you can manipulate the above remedies or share your own experiences when performing the hovering error correction on the computer with Taimienphi. vn offline. You can also refer to more ways turn off the mouse and laptop keyboard Please.
To keep the device clean and avoid damage, regular cleaning is also necessary, with a computer mouse, you should clean your computer mouse regularly to avoid unfortunate incidents that can occur. .


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