How to fix "can not access sopcast service" error on Sopcast

How to fix “can not access sopcast service” error on Sopcast

Sopcast helps you to watch many TV channels of many countries around the world. However, you cannot always view those TV channels when you get an error “Can not access sopcast service” fails to connect to the sopcast server. This article will guide you on how to fix the above error.

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You often use Sopcast software to watch TV or football online. But then one day when you visit to see the top match, you get the message “Can not access Sopcast service“. The following article will guide you on how to fix the above error simply by editing edit the host file.

Guide to fix the error can not access Sopcast service:
Step 1:

First of all to apply this trick you need to download and install the latest version for your computer here: download Sopcast

Next, you click Start on the left side of the toolbar.

Type in the section Search programs and find the following path “C: Windows System32 drivers etc”.

fix loi can not access sopcast service

Click on the host file and open Notepad.

Other than that, the repair process may not access the sopcast service

Then add 2 lines ““And”“at the end of the line. Then Save and close the program.

download sopcast

Step 2: DNS editing.
First, you tick the Internet icon in the right corner of the screen select Network and sharing Center.

download sopcast

Next click Local Area Connection Status

Window Local Area Connection Status appear. Choose Properties.

Then click on the line Internet Protocol Verison 4 (TCP / IPv4) press Properties

A new window will appear..Go to DNS..Click on USe Following DNS server Adresses and enter international DNS like Norton’s

or DNS Google

Then press Ok

Download Sopcast

Error “can not access sopcast service” occurs quite commonly when you watch TV, football on Sopcast. However, now it is easy to fix this error with the instructions above. After the adjustment is complete, you can easily watch it on Sopcast without having any problems.

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