How to fix common Brother printer errors

Brother printers are quite popular, even in Vietnam, there are many companies and offices that use this type of printer, but not everyone knows how to fix Brother printer errors when a problem occurs.

The printer is a complex product, but it often has small errors, basic errors that make users uncomfortable. With the Brother printer, there is no exception, there are a lot of reasons that you can pull out when talking about Brother printer errors or say the printer as common as printer jam, a common error. If you fix it until it breaks, it won’t work.

However, we also need to temporarily fix them to be able to use them, and then investigate the causes deeper and the final step is to fix Brother printer errors and limit frequent errors.

How to fix common Brother printer errors

1. Error automatically printing machine

To fix and fix Brother printer automatic printing, we must ensure that the USB cable is not too long to ensure the signal to be received and sent, this affects quite a lot because when crossing the 2 meter threshold, the The received signal will no longer be accurate.

In addition, you should remove all connections to the computer and only allow the printer and the computer connected to each other to print again. Another cause of the above problem is due to the shared port connected to the scanner or other types of storage devices.

2. Machine error does not fill the page

The error of not printing a full page, also known as MemoryFull, usually occurs when the memory is full, which means the file is too heavy for the printer to load. The remedy here is that you cancel all the remaining print jobs, trying to simplify the print files (reduce the size) so that the printer can read the file and print it, especially with PDF files.

3. Printer error message Print Overrun

Like the MemoryFull error when you have to cancel existing commands on the machine, then reinstall some features on the machine such as Granphic1, TrueType mode1, Use printer True Type Fonts 1.

To access that we select Manual in Print Settings and then select Manual Settings offline.

4. Error not showing Header and Footer

This error is entirely due to the alignment you print, before printing, there is a preview for you to review how the printout displays to readjust the paper size and font size to best fit.

Above is a guide to fix Brother printer errors, help you fix some common errors on Brother, popular printer line that many people choose. In addition, when you spill Brother ink, you must pay attention to use certified ink to ensure the machine works well.
Refer to the Brother printer ink testing guide and follow’s instructions to know how to distinguish genuine Brother ink or not.


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