How to fix common Canon printer errors, hangs, jams, flashes

How to fix common Canon printer errors, hangs, jams, flashes

Canon printers are favored for their durability. But sometimes there are common Canon printer errors that appear. Not only in Canon printers but also many other printer lines also encounter this situation. Users need to know how to fix common Canon printer errors for quick handling in case of unfortunate encounter.

Can see Canon printers is a top favorite product in Vietnam, especially the canon 2900 printer line, to be able to connect to the computer and use, you need to download driver canon 2900 and then install it for your computer, Finding and downloading driver canon 2900 is quite simple, you just need to go to Taimienphi. Businesses, companies, agencies all prefer to use Canon printers at work. Even some families who regularly print documents also buy compact office Canon printers home. If you are having a printing job, managing a printer at a company or a personal printer, sometimes the printer problem will be encountered. At this time, users should keep calm, learn about common Canon printer errors. Because each printer has different errors and ways fix Canon printer error Common is also unlike the lines Canon good Samsung. Know the many causes of errors and how to fix common Canon printer errors to help you cope promptly when the device is bad.

How to fix common Canon printer errors

1. Canon printer has encountered an error of non-operation.

The first common printer error, most people complain about is the printer not working. Some possible causes of printer error may include:

Computer and printer are not connected to the USB port together. This situation can be overcome simply by connecting the USB between the printer and computer. If the printer is still connected but the USB cord has not been connected or it has a problem.

Choosing the wrong printer is also the reason why the printer is not working. The correct printer needs to be selected in the Print section when printing text.

Other causes may be due to a faulty printer’s fomater card. Users need to replace if they encounter this problem.

2. Canon printer is suspended

Some small printers may experience hanging when loading large amounts of print data. It is possible that many print requests also result in the printer hanging. Now the user needs to turn on the computer to turn off all the jobs that are requesting to print. Or the best way is to press the button to restart the printer to fix

how to fix Canon printer gap 2

3. Canon printer blinks.

Blinking on Canon printers has been reported as a result of ink jams and the ink tank has not been installed in the printer. When this situation occurs, users need to check the printer cartridge to see if it is installed or not. If installed, remove the cartridge to dry, clean the nozzle of the device.

how to fix Canon printer gap 3

4. The printer has a paper jam.

The cause of printer jam is quite many. But the main causes of this problem are:

– The printer has dropped a solid object inside, resulting in a paper jam, so be careful to remove the solid.

– The dirty paper roller is also causing the printer to jam. To solve this problem users need to remove the roller to clean again.

– Paper that is too moist or too stiff may also cause paper jams. To resolve, cancel the job and then gently pull the jammed paper out.

To prevent this situation, users should not: put too much paper in the slot, neatly arrange the paper in the compartment, do not mix many types of paper, the size of paper fits into the compartment, absolutely do not remove paper when the printer is in work…

how to fix Canon printer gap 4

To fix printer jam, you can refer to the article about fixing paper jam that Taimienphi has shared, this way, if you are lucky, you will not have to call a technician to repair it more expensive.

5. Canon printer prints matte paper.

If the print is blurry, the printer may run out of ink, and if the ink is dirty, the printer is likely to have a problem. The cause may come from:

– The type of level used is not standard. Need to empty all non-standard ink and replace the printer ink with the right type of Canon printer allowed.

– The magnetic shaft cover is worn, the magnetic shaft is reduced from. To fix the need to get repaired, replace the magnetic shaft for the printer.

– The printer mirror is dimmed by the steam. You simply need to clean the printer reflector.

how to fix canon printer in gap 5

These are the 5 most common Canon printer errors and has also come up with the best common Canon printer fix solutions for your reference.

In the process of printing text, there are times when the user has a font error when printing. This problem has many causes, maybe due to printer error, error on the computer or lack of Driver. More specifically to fix Font errors when printing, users need to find out the cause of this error from. After finding out the cause, at that time, we tried to fix Font error when printing in each way that we instructed.

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