How to fix common errors on the Scan

How to fix common errors on the Scan

The scanner today has become one of the most important devices; but like many devices that use electronic circuits in parallel with other mechanical parts, it will often encounter various errors that annoy the office workers, learn some Scan errors and how to fix below.

In this article, Will introduce some common errors on the scanner, the cause and how to fix it. A scanner is an electronic device designed to convert any type of document (film, print, photo) into digital information. Scanned documents can then be saved to the memory, computer hard drive, sent to the printer, USB or other recipients via email. In a closed local area network, sharing information is almost impossible without a scanner.

How to fix common errors on the Scan.

When this device is connected to a local office network, it will often encounter problems such as lost connections, paper jams, poor image quality, wrong data processing order, etc. However, these are very small problems and can fix common errors on the scanner without having to ask a professional mechanic.

Here are some common errors and how to fix them:

Connection errors: This is the most common error. Connection error can be due to no power supply or power connection in most cases, loose connection or insufficient signal strength. Since most office workers do not have too much technical knowledge, and no one can really increase the signal, the best way to solve this problem is to check the power. If you are sure that the power source is guaranteed and an error is still occurring, call your service provider.

Paper jam. This error will occur frequently if the device is not properly cleaned and regularly maintained and serviced. When paper jams, the culprit is always the rubber rollers to move paper inside the device. Remember that paper has a certain roughness and may corrode; therefore, prolonged contact with paper can reduce the roller surface as well as reduce the ability to grip and move the paper. What you need to do is replace the roller regularly, periodically, do not wait until the problem occurred before fixing.

Everything else is normal on the scanner

The image quality is poor. This is a very rare error, usually when the scanner glass is not properly cleaned or maintained. Another possible reason is that the scanner has not been properly calibrated, causing image quality to be reduced or blurred. This problem can also occur due to poor quality of ink or the improperly installed ink tray.

Data processing order issue. This error usually occurs when there is a lack of memory and the machine needs to run too many applications to produce the desired results. Usually, when there are too many continuous jobs to print, it is necessary to upgrade the device to avoid operational errors.

Print time is slow. In many cases, slow print times may be due to high-resolution images, more data usage, and longer processing times. Therefore, if you do not necessarily have to use very high quality images, you can choose to print in Normal or Draft quality. Also, please check the speed setting in the device!

Disconnect unnecessary devices. You can also check if other devices connected to the computer affect the function of the scanner or not. Please turn off or disconnect unnecessary devices. Parallel, SCSI, Firewire, and other USB devices can all affect the operation of the scanner.

Keep in mind that scanners are built to give users a perfect experience for long periods of time, usually for years. Therefore, all problems related to the scanner must be handled carefully and meticulously.

At the end of the working day, no company can maintain its effectiveness if the scanner does not meet the requirements. All problems related to the scanner must be quickly resolved. Also you can Choose the best scanner to ensure serving the work of everyone.
Similar to scanners, printers are also the ones most commonly used in offices today, and in the process of using, we may encounter many different errors, refer to the printer error as well as the corresponding repair here. Please share with Your experience by commenting in the box below!


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