How to fix computer crashes, Windows not responding

How to fix computer crashes, Windows not responding

Before you fix Windows not responding, computer crashes, you need to find the cause. Here are some causes of Windows Not Responding error status and how to fix it, you refer.

There are many causes of errors the computer hangs. After a long time of using with high power, your computer may be “tired”, then you should turn off your computer for a while to let it rest and continue to use. If still not possible fix crashes, Windows not responding Please try the following.

Fix computer crashes, fix Windows not responding error

There are many reasons for a computer to hang from software errors to hardware errors in your computer. When the computer crashes often comes with the message “Windows not responding” and you can only reset Windows to turn off this error, when restarting, but Windows still has, what will you do? Find out the causes as well as how to handle computer crashes in the following content of

List of suspended errors and how to fix them:
Method 1. Check the running application.
Method 2. Scan and remove Virus.
Method 3. Check RAM.
Method 4. Check CPU, Processor.
Method 5. HDD, hard drive defective, bad.
Method 6. Check the cables in the computer.

Fix computer crashes, fix Windows not responding error

Method 1: Check the running application

If your computer freezes and hangs and your mouse pointer is still active but absolutely cannot click or open any application, press the key combination. Ctrl + Alt + Del and open Task Manager to check which applications are taking up RAM, CPU or Disk and RAM End Task but the process is not necessary.

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Method 2: Scan and remove Virus

Viruses are also the main cause of system errors, slow computers, etc. In the process of using the virus, it is unavoidable. Therefore, to protect your data as well as to prevent viruses from entering the system, please install and use some antivirus tools such as Avira completely free or the No. 1 antivirus tool in the world Kaspersky.

Method 3: Check RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is temporary memory on the computer, if you use many heavy applications at the same time, the RAM is full is the cause of the crash. However, if you use light software and your computer suddenly crashes, it may be because of your RAM problem.

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To fix the computer hangs due to RAM, please use Memtest86 to check first whether your RAM is faulty or not. In case there is no problem, try removing the computer case and cleaning RAM then reinstalling correctly in the ram slot.

Method 4: Check CPU, Processor

After a long time using the computer, your components also weaken and need to be replaced. So managing many processes of the CPU is no longer “as smooth” as before causing crashes, system errors. In addition, if the CPU does not fail, overheating will prevent your CPU from working as expected. You can use CPUID HWMonitor to check the temperature of the CPU, if your CPU is too hot (> 60 degrees Celsius) you should remove the machine and check the CPU fan, plastering thermal grease to keep the CPU cooler.

Elsewhere, you need to repair the computer

Method 5: HDD, hard drive defective, bad

Very few people will pay attention to the HDD, hard drive bad. HDD is an important hardware to help us store data, right after you turn on the computer, you have used and extracted data from the HDD. Therefore, the hard drive failure is also the main cause of computer crashes. You should scan bad regularly with the tool HDD Generator To ensure your hard drive is running smoothly.

Method 6: Check the wires in the computer

Loose hardware connectors will cause the computer to flicker and lead to computer crashes. In this case, reconnect all the connections and ports on the desktop.

In addition, the flickering power supply and insufficient capacity to provide all the components of the computer will also cause the machine to hang or not achieve the desired performance. To fix this, you need:

– Always make sure your computer is plugged into a stable power source.
– Try your computer at different electrical outlets in the house.
– Plug the computer into a continuous power supply or UPS.
– If it is a desktop computer: Connect components inside the desktop with different power cables to avoid voltage drop problems.
Above, Taimienphi has listed the causes and how to fix computer errors that freeze and freeze during use. The growing technology along with the rapid development of electronic devices entails software and applications that require a powerful configuration to be able to use. If your computer is outdated, you should soon upgrade your computer so you can keep up with the times. In addition, if you think your computer does not encounter any errors but does not achieve the desired performance, you can install and use CCleaner, the CCleaner software helps you optimize your computer very well. and installing CCleaner and using it regularly to clean your computer are also good solutions to avoid running out of memory.


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