How to fix computer errors can not turn off, the computer does not shutdown

Unable to turn off the computer is a common problem with Windows users. There are many causes for this situation, and users need to thoroughly overcome to avoid harming the computer. Follow these ways to fix computer not to shut down, not shutdown the following to shut down the computer easily.

All computer users want to start and shut down the computer quickly, even many people estimate that Microsoft’s Windows operating system can boot as fast as mobile devices. Actually, you absolutely can turn that into reality. There are many tips to help boot the computer faster, as long as the user has the appropriate settings, the computer boots up and shuts down quickly is possible. However, there is an error that a faster way to start the computer or faster shutdown does not fix. That is the unreachable computer error that wants to mention in this article. This error has many causes, and to fix computer errors that cannot be shut down, users can also apply many different methods. This article will guide you how to fix computer errors that cannot be shut down completely.

How to fix computer errors that cannot be shut down:

1. How to fix computer cannot be turned off by hotkeys.

When you press Shutdown but the computer can not be shut down, all you need to do is to press the Shift key repeatedly to turn off the computer. Hold down the Shift key until your device turns off.

However, this is only a temporary way, because each time you have to shut down the Shift button, it is quite complicated and time-consuming.

2. How to fix computer errors can not be shut down by shutdown timer.

Normally users choose the shutdown timer to download data, upload files, watch movies … In addition, you can apply the shutdown timer to fix computer errors that cannot be turned off.

Step 1: Click Start, search cmd and open Command Prompt on the computer.

how to fix computer without tat 2

Step 2: Enter the command Shutdown -s -t 600 (600 is the number of seconds you want to schedule). Want to turn off the computer quickly you can change the number 600 to 10, 20 seconds arbitrary.

Then press Enter and wait for the computer to turn itself off.

how to fix computer without tat 3

3. How to fix computer errors that cannot be shut down in System.

Step 1: Access shortcut in Power Options in Windows 7 by clicking the laptop battery icon in the corner of Taskbar. Choose More power options.

how to fix computer without tat 4

Step 2: In Power Options Click on it Choose what closing the lid does.

how to fix computer without tat 5

Step 3: At the section When I press the power button You move from Sleep to Shutdown. Click Save Changes to save the operation.

Now you want to turn off the computer you just hold down the Power key on the computer.

how to fix computers without tat 6

Step 4: For Windows 8 and above operating systems, please uncheck the box Turn on fast startup under. Then press Save Changes.

how to fix computer without tat 7

Above are the 3 most effective ways to help users fix computer errors that cannot be turned off successfully, you should apply the number 3 to thoroughly fix this non-disabled computer error.

When using a computer, you will encounter many other unforeseen errors, such as the error of the computer not getting on the screen or the computer is losing sound, with each error will have the causes and the ways. Fix various errors, if the computer error is not on the screen, it may be due to the power cord or the screen, the computer error will be lost due to the lack of drivers or broken speakers ….

In addition, users can also rely on software that supports turning off and starting the computer to solve this problem. If used, the manipulation on the software is also very fast, does not cost a lot of user actions. Please refer to the details software to turn off the computer The fastest, lightest and download today to use. However, if the computer problem does not turn off frequently, please bring your laptop, PC to warranty.

Users always say that they use it correctly and do nothing without the computer naturally, but if you follow the articles on, you will see how to use the screen as well as the computer. You are not right at all and maybe not right. In addition to the user factor, the fact that the computer does not appear on the screen also contributes a small part because the environmental factor because electronic devices also need to have the coolest position possible for long service life.


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