How to fix computer errors on the screen

How to fix computer errors on the screen

There are many computer screen failures that occur during use, especially old devices that are not used for a long time. In order to help users can gain knowledge about computers as well as temporarily diagnose errors, the following article will summarize you how to fix computer errors not on the screen.

When Windows software has problems, users will immediately think of free Windows repair software to support. However, with a computer error not on the screen, the software is not likely to be the reason for the impact. So even if you use free Windows repair software, you still have the risk of having a computer error. If the day is fine, press the Power button repeatedly and the computer will remain idle. Or if the computer still lights up but can’t run, then you have problems with the computer not on the screen. Now hold the Smartphone and go to to see the article on fixing computers not on this screen.

Computer error does not appear on the screen

How to fix computer errors on the screen

1. Turn off the device completely and then restart it
The problem of computer error does not appear on the screen for many reasons and in part it is caused by software and specifically here is Windows. It may be because Windows has not been completely shut down, so when the system restarts you will see the screen does not turn on. This case is quite rare but not without.
repaired computers without screen
To handle computer error not on the screen due to the case on the user just need to turn off the computer completely by hold the power button for 5-7 seconds until the machine turns off no longer hears any sounds or lights. But then you do not turn on that hurry wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then try turning it back on See if the computer error may not be on the screen or not.

2. Adjust the RAM slot to fix computer errors not on the screen.

RAM slots are the most common cause of computers not on the screen. Possibly due to the impact of impact, or long-term use that computer RAM will be dirty or loose. At this point you need to turn off the computer completely> unplug the power> removable on the side of the computer case. Note the RAM and adjust for sure. Can completely remove RAM and reinstall, dusting RAM and RAM slots on the PC.

repaired computers without screen

3. Check the cable connected to the screen to fix the computer error not on the screen.

Loose cables are also a common cause of computers not on the screen. Therefore, you should fix the computer not on the screen by unplugging the connecting cable, plugging the cable again. This procedure is easier to perform on PC computers than laptops. Because with a laptop you have to remove the machine quite hard. On the PC, unplug the cable and plug it in securely, leaving the screws tightened tightly to the PC.

repairing computers without screen 3

4. Replace the video card to fix computer errors that are not on the screen.

The video card is a very durable device so the rate of broken video card is very small. However, if your PC, laptop is used for a long time, regularly used every day, it is difficult for hardware devices such as video card to be durable. If the problem is due to the video card, the only way to fix the computer error is not on the screen is to bring to the computer repair shop, laptop to replace the new video card.

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5. Press and hold Power to fix the computer error that is not on the screen.

This is the simplest way, but it is not uncommon for computers not to screen. Simply when turning off the laptop, your PC does not completely turn off the screen. Therefore, please press the Power button for about 5 to 10 seconds to the computer is completely turned off. Then press Power to reopen your computer.

repairing computers without screen 4

6. Check the power supply from the cable

Test the power supply from the cable to make sure the monitor is powered. By checking the light on the front or bottom of the display’s bezel (blue, green or orange).

If you do not see the light on the screen, try checking the socket again to see if the drive is faulty. If the power cord is detachable on the back of the screen, try replacing it with a power cord with a different power cable. After you have replaced the new socket, new power cord and the computer is not on the screen, it is likely that your monitor has become corrupted and needs to be repaired.

7. Check the status of the LEDs

If the screen light (usually located at the bottom of the display’s bezel) is orange or flashing, press any key repeatedly or move the mouse to open the screen. If it’s still not available, the computer won’t go up to the screen, try plugging in the computer connection cable and the back of the monitor, then restarting your computer and checking if the computer screen is up. .

8. Try another cable

If the monitor’s power is still available but the screen is not up, the cable may be faulty. In this case try another cable such as a DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort cable to plug into your monitor.

repaired computers without screen

9. Hardware may be causing the computer not to screen

If you have tried all of the above methods, but the computer still doesn’t work on the screen, chances are the monitor, video card or motherboard is faulty. Here are some solutions to fix this problem:

– Try connecting a different monitor to your computer:

Try connecting a different monitor to your computer. If the other monitor is still up, it can be confirmed that your monitor is working poorly and should be replaced with new screens instead of going to maintenance centers, which are both expensive but sometimes not as effective as new ones.

– Try connecting your monitor on another computer:

If your monitor still works normally on another computer, the video card may be the culprit. Try removing the video card from your computer and installing it on another computer. If it does not work on another computer, it is most likely the video card is faulty and it is time to be replaced.

– Motherboard error:

If the monitor and video card are working normally on another computer, it is likely that the motherboard is faulty. In this case, you can check and fix problems on the motherboard to fix the computer not on the screen. If the motherboard is broken, recommends that you replace the new motherboard to fix the problem.

Above are the most common causes and ways to fix computer errors not on the screen that knows. If you have other ways to fix computer errors not on the screen then please comment below to let us know.

Talking about turning off the computer and turning on the computer, we would like to introduce to you the command to turn off the computer and laptop. With just a small command, users can schedule the computer to shut down on Windows at any time. This procedure is suitable to use when you need to hang your computer to download, update software, play games for a certain period of time. Just select the number of seconds to shutdown with the command to turn off the computer on Windows, your computer will automatically shut down at that time.
If there is no way to preserve your computer screen, there will be many errors that can occur, one of the most common errors is laptop screen noise, screen interference will make it difficult for you to Look at the computer screen interface, how to fix laptop screen noise is also extremely complex, if you are not professional, please bring it to the shop to avoid the case of a lame pig.


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