How to fix copyright loss on Windows 10

Microsoft officially confirmed that the Windows 10 copyright loss error has recently appeared, besides announcing that the operating system is not copyrighted, users’ devices are also locked to use the features in the session. Official version, no small impact on users.

Even if you have spent the money to use the official Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft, users can still lose the copyright due to the fault of the publisher. More specifically, when users proceed to reinstall or update the operating system to the latest version on the device, an Activate Windows copyright will appear on the screen, and some device features will also be unusable.

Fix copyright loss on Windows 10

However, fortunately, Microsoft has reported that it has fixed this error and provided a repair tool. In this article, Taimienphi will help you activate this tool and fix it Windows 10 copyright loss error for your computer quickly and efficiently.

Fix the loss of copyright Windows 10

Step 1: You press the button Windows on the keyboard and select the item Settings (Setting). You can also press a key combination Windows + I for faster access.

how to fix the error on windows 10 2

Step 2: At the window Settings , you press Update & Security (Update and Privacy).

how to fix the error on windows 10 3

Step 3: In the window Update & Security , click the item Activation in the left menu bar and click the button Troubleshoot.

The system will automatically find errors and repairs. Once completed, your operating system will be restored to copyright and used as usual.

how to fix the error on windows 10 4
With only 3 simple steps, Taimienphi and instructions for you to manually fix the lost copyright of Windows 10. Besides, if the loss of copyright does not affect much to the experience, you can also wait and Update the patches that Windows will launch recently. In addition, you guys refer to the way Active Windows 10 here.


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