How to fix font errors in Excel, xls file has font errors

In the following article, will show you how to fix font errors in Excel – one of the common errors when you use Excel. With these steps to fix xls file with this font error, you will use Excel more easily and effectively.

In the course of working, many people using Excel often encounter font errors without knowing how to fix font errors. The main cause of the font error This is when you receive a file on another computer and that computer does not use the same font set as yours, so there is a problem with the font error. To fix this error, Taimienphi invites readers to refer to how Fix font errors in Excel which we present shortly.

Instructions for fixing font errors in Excel, xls file has font errors

How to fix font errors in Excel.

First to fix font errors in Excel you need to download the computer full font set and update the latest version of Unikey.

Download the full Font here: Full Font
Downlaod Unikey here: Download Unikey

Step 1: Open the file Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or Excel 2016 to fix corrupted fonts in Excel, select the area to fix font errors and then copy them (Ctrl + C ).

Step 2: Right-click the Unikey icon at the bottom of the toolbar, select “Tools” or you can press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F6 to open Unikey Toolkit.

How to fix typeface font in excel

Step 3: Here, you need to determine the correct “source font” and “target font” to correct errors, you can also use Reverse code table to change, then press Transcode.

Normally, if you convert from .VNTime font to Time New Roman, you need to convert from TCVN 3 (ABC) source to Unicode destination and vice versa.

How to fix typeface font in excel

Finally, you open a new Excel file and Paste (Ctrl + V). Check the results, if not successful you can Reverse code table again to do it again.

So with the above basic font error correction in Excel, hope you can open the data file with full font. In addition, font errors in Word often occur not just in Excel. Interested readers can directly watch the following video to have a look and how to make it more intuitive. Good luck.
Excel or Word are the easiest documents to print today, the printing of words is relatively simple, if you do not know how to print Excel, please refer to how to print excel to perform printing Excel documents into work offline.


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