How to fix headphones that are timid, noisy, do not hear clearly

How to fix headphones that are timid, noisy, do not hear clearly

When the headset is timid, noisy, do not hear the words will make you are enjoying music, watching movies interrupted, uncomfortable feeling. To fix the faulty headset, you can follow the steps below.

Where the headset is timid, noisy, do not hear words occur quite often and there is a cause of the situation that your headphones are timid when used. But how to fix it is not much difficulty if you read the following ways to fix the headset errors.

Fix the headset faulty, noisy, do not hear the words clearly


Method 1. Check the headphone jack

The headphone jack is usually a 3.5mm circular jack, so it’s likely that you haven’t plugged the headphone jack in firmly, causing the headphone to become gagged. Try unplugging the headphone jack and cleaning the headphone jack on the computer, then plugging it in firmly.

If your computer has 2 headphone jacks (the front jack and the rear case jack), try plugging the headset directly into the rear jack to see if it can fix the headset problem.

repaired earphones sounded

Method 2. Turn off the recording setting to fix the faulty headphones

On the desktop, the headphone jack is often divided into a microphone jack for recording and a headphone jack for music playback, while on newer phones and laptops, there is only a 3.5mm jack, but it has both a recording and a playback feature. In case you connect both mic jack and headphone jack to the computer, the problem of headphone leakage is very likely, especially on laptops.

To fix the problem of laptop headset or pc, right-click the icon Volume at the bottom of the system tray then select Recording devices.

repair laptop headset snare

On the window Sound The Recording tab will show you all the recording devices that are connected to the computer. It is possible that these devices are the main cause of headphone overheating errors, disconnect them by right-clicking on the device and selecting Disable.

repair of computerized headset

The recording device icon in gray means that the device has been disabled. If you need to use it later, just right-click it Enable is able to reactivate the device and use as normal.

repaired the headset when the laptop plugged in

Method 3. Update the audio driver

Try updating to the latest audio driver on your computer to get the best tuning from the manufacturer. You can check the audio driver in Device Manager Then go online to find the latest version or download Driver Booster to automatically find and update drivers for your computer.

repaired the headset when the computer plugged in

Above are 3 ways to help you fix faulty headphones. If you have tried the three methods above and still do not work, try connecting the headset to another device to determine the error from which to replace the appropriate device. In addition to the faulty headset when listening to music Computer lost sound is also a very common error so you need to find a fix to be able to experience the most comfortable offline.
In addition, the case of computer speech loss is not an exception and also often happens. However, if readers do not know much about computers will encounter some difficulties, so that the previous article on how to fix errors laptop has lost its sound, the inaudible sound loss will be the solution to help you fix this error. Good luck.


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