How to fix IDM does not automatically start downloading music, Youtube, Facebook videos on the browser

Dealing with IDM error does not force links to download music, YouTube videos, Facebook on the browser will become easier and more effective if you know the cause of this error. Here are some ways to fix IDM error that does not automatically start downloading music and video links.

IDM error does not automatically start downloading links of videos, Mp3 … quite popular with users today, when encountering this error, although users have installed IDM in their devices, when opening a Youtube video or a song to listen to it, IDM Do not automatically start the link to download YouTube videos or songs to your computer like before.

Instructions to fix IDM do not automatically start downloading music

There are many causes of such a situation, one of the reasons for Firefox or Chrome not showing download links of Youtube videos, or music is because IDM’s Extension / Add-on on Chrome / Firefox is not installed. or not open but here is IDM CC, the way enable idm cc is also quite simple and users can also turn off idm cc at any time when they do not want to use IDM to download data on the web browser they are using anymore.

How to fix IDM does not automatically start music and video links in Firefox / Chrome

To fix IDM error, do not automatically start the link, first you open IDM Upload and check your version to see if the version you are currently using is the latest version by selecting Help -> Check for updates (You can download the latest version of IDM, because if the old version of IDM will not support catching links on Google Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc new version.

Download idm, update idm

Next for the two browsers Firefox and Chrome you follow the instructions below to know how to fix the error when IDM does not start the link on Firefox or Chrome browser.

For browser Chrome

Step 1: Similarly you open the browser and enter chrome: // extensions /

Download idm, update idm

Step 2: You also open the folder to install IDM and you copy the file IDMGCExt.crx to the desktop

Download idm, update idm

Step 3: Then you drag the file IDMGCExt.crx on the desktop and in Chrome

Download idm, update idm

Step 4: A dialog box appears and you choose Add extension to proceed with the installation

Download idm, update idm

You can choose to add Allow in incognito for anonymous user status

Download idm, update idm

Finally, open up IDM and reset the settings. First you choose Tab Options

Download idm, update idm

At the item General you select the browser, then click OK, got it

Download idm, update idm

Next you choose File types to add music or video extensions, then press OK, got it for completing

Download idm, update idm

In case you have completed the above steps and IDM still can not automatically catch the link, you can try Download Chrome latest on offline.

For Firefox

Step 1: Open up Firefox and select Tools -> Add-ons

download idm

Step 2: In the Extensions section, check if you have installed IDM CC, here my computer has installed, I will select Enable

download IDM

Step 3: For those that have not installed, go to the IDM installation folder and copy the idmmzcc file to the desktop

download idm

Step 4: You will drag the file from this desktop into the Firefox browser

downlad idm

Step 5: After dragging the file idmmzcc into the browser, a dialog box will appear, to install you choose Install Now

idm settings

If you have already installed Add-on but still can not do it, maybe the add-on is not compatible with the current version of the browser, you try to update Firefox or install the latest version of firefox. You should reinstall both IDM and Firefox for best support, work install IDM Pretty easy, with the latest version you’ll be more supported.
Above, has instructions on how to fix errors IDM does not automatically start music and video links in Firefox / Chrome, hope the article will help you fix these errors most effectively. Also, in the process of using IDM, if you want to further speed up the download speed of IDM, you can refer to idm acceleration Having been introduced in the previous tip, this is an effective and successful way to speed up IDM


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