How to fix iPhone device heat

iPhone overheating occurs, touch is very hot and causes slowdown so what is the cause of iPhone hot iPhone error and how to fix iPhone overheating error? The instructions below will give you answers to fix the above problem.

What will you do when encountering iPhone error is hot, obviously we all know that if your iPhone has an increase in temperature, it immediately comes with many consequences such as app crashing, fast battery and especially risk of explosion. high. Obviously, the iPhone error is not hot, so if unlucky, we must have a fix immediately.

Table of Contents:
1. Cause iPhone error is hot.
2. How to fix hot iPhone error.
2.1. Turn off apps, underground games.

2.2. Check iPhone battery now.
2.3. Check the charger cord, iPhone charger cable when charging.
2.4. Use a cool temperature field.
2.5. Firmware update for iPhone.

IPhone error is hot

1. Cause iPhone error is hot

– Run heavy applications such as camera, play heavy 3D graphic games.
– Use in hot environment for a continuous time.
– Charge long and cause heat.
– The battery is blocked, swollen or otherwise problem.

2. How to fix hot iPhone error

2.1. Turn off apps, underground games

The fastest way to fix the iPhone is that you have to quit multitasking applications without turning off so that the amount of RAM released as well as your computer will reduce the load of running resources for these applications.

how to fix iPhone error 2

Especially, you have to temporarily play the game right away because when playing GPU games, it is very active and for the most part, the reason why the iPhone gets hot is because of playing games for a long time. Especially the games require high configuration with eye-catching graphics that consume your battery horribly.

2.2. Check iPhone battery now

how to fix iPhone error 3

One of the most common causes of iPhone overheating errors is your battery. Regarding the battery, the few are due to the remaining battery error due to the time of use or improper usage makes the battery quickly damaged. Therefore, you need to check the iPhone battery immediately and have practical solutions. If checking the iPhone battery bottle has bad results, all you need to do is go out and change the battery only.

2.3. Check the charger cord, iPhone charger cable when charging

how to fix iphone 4 hotspot 4

No need to mention whether you are using genuine products, genuine or Apple’s MFI standards, but once it is “nearly broken”, genuine or fake are the same. This can be very noticeable when plugged in, you will see long charging, hot charging even if your room has cool, airy temperature. If you touch the wire, it will feel extremely hot and have no choice but to replace it because do not try to use it will harm you.

2.4. Use a cool temperature field

Living environment, outdoor temperature and room temperature are things that greatly affect the body temperature as well as the temperature of your iPhone. Therefore, playing room temperature with or without fan is always a big advantage and it also seems to be a form of radiator for your phone.

2.5. Firmware update for iPhone

Updating the Firmware is a way to improve the system and sometimes it helps you fix the temperature error that the version fixes. Moreover, performance increases, the game play smoother, less temperature.

Step 1: To update the Firmware you just need Click on Settings > select General > select next Software Update to proceed with the update.

how to fix iPhone error 5

Step 2: Stay in this will show OS section New if available and you just need to press Download and Install To install, note that the battery must be > 50% Please.

how to fix iPhone error: 6

The above are solutions for those who wish to fix the iPhone error. The problem of iPhone overheating occurs more often with older devices than new ones, which is completely understandable because iOS operating systems are always optimized for new products.

The iPhone is a perfect phone but doesn’t think it has any problems. If you use it long, then chipping is entirely possible. For example, the error iPhone hard drive failure is highly likely to appear in 3, 4 years of use. In addition, the error of iPhone hard drive failure often occurs when you use or to hit more.
Or some iPhone crashes also make players feel uncomfortable, to fix iPhone crashes there are many different ways, readers can refer to instructions on how to fix iPhone crashes Here and follow the instructions.


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