How to fix iPhone self-power off

How to fix iPhone self-power off

In case you encounter iPhone error automatically shut down, power down and cannot be turned on, what to do? If you are having the above problem or have the same interest, the following guide of will help you learn more about this issue.

In case you met iPhone error automatically shut down but not sure why? And the more important thing is how to fix the iPhone shutdown error when you make it, what will you do? If you do not have much expertise in finding and fixing iPhone errors that automatically shut down, leave it to and follow the instructions below to know how to handle it.

Table of Contents:
1. Charge iPhone and connect PC.
2. Reset “hard” your iPhone.
3. Proceed to Restore iPhone.

Error iPhone turns off

How to fix iPhone error by turning itself off

1. Charge iPhone and connect PC

how to fix iphone from tat 2

One of the ways you can try when you see an iPhone shutdown error is to use the iPhone charger and cable to charge the device because it is probably out of battery. Of course, it is not normal to run out of battery, it may be because your device has a battery.

The situation of PIN bottle and sudden power down even at 30% has been reported a lot by the users themselves and if really this problem you should also find a way to replace your iPhone battery right away.

2. Reset “hard” your iPhone

In case your device often occurs unexpected iPhone shutdown error, we need to take a hard reset to fix the iPhone.

how to fix iphone from tat 3

To perform the Hard Reset iPhone, you turn off your iPhone completely then press and hold the Power (Power) button and the Home button as shown below, after about 20 to 30 seconds on the screen will appear Statue of apple please release your hand.

For iPhone 7, 7 Plus and above devices, it is a little different in entering the Hard Reset mode on the iPhone that you press and hold the Power button + Volume down button (Volume-).

3. Proceed to Restore iPhone

how to fix iphone from tat 4

Restore iPhone is also a way to help users can quickly turn off iPhone error. Of course, to restore iPhone, you must also be able to connect to a PC because if it can’t be connected, restoring iPhone is completely impossible. also has detailed instructions on how to Restore iPhone with iTunes for you to read reference, specifically you can click the link here to view How to restore iPhone using iTunes with detailed instructions of

Above are the 3 solutions that give you to fix iPhone error by automatically turning off, but if all 3 ways above do not help you fix the problem, recommends you to choose an iPhone repair point right away. because the longer it will be harder to fix. Currently, there is an iPhone repair point in many parts of the country to handle this problem.
And if you encounter the problem of iPhone crashes only rather than shutdown, instructions on how to fix the error iPhone crashes The following will be options for you.


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