How to fix iTools incompatible error with iTunes, iTools does not connect iPhone, iPad

iTools is a popular tool to help users make the choice of copying music and videos to iPhone, iPad or other features such as jailbreak, phone cleaning. However, recently this tool encountered an incompatibility error with iTunes. Please refer to the following article to know how to fix iTools error is not compatible with this iTunes.

ITools error incompatible with iTunes will make users unable to copy music, videos, photos to your iPhone, iPad even after you have downloaded the latest iTools version on your computer. However, how to fix iTools incompatible error with iTunes is extremely simple as follows.

How to fix iTools error is not compatible with iTunes

Step 1: From Start Menu Type the keyword “control panel” to open Control Panel .

Step 2: On the Control Panel window select View by: Category and navigate to the item Uninstall a program .

how to fix itools not like itunes 2

Step 3: In the window Programs and Features navigate to the application Apple Mobile Device Support Right-click and choose this application Uninstall .

how to fix itools not like itunes 3

Step 4: At the warning dialog box is displayed Yes to continue removing the application.

how to fix itools not like itunes 4

After removing Apple Mobile Device Support, restarting iTools will automatically download the more compatible version to your device and you can perform copying music, movies, photos via iTools normally.

So you have finished fixing iTools incompatibility with iTunes very simply and quickly. To perform some manipulations to manage iPhone and iPad data on computers, many people will choose iTools, but now there is a completely free tool that has the same functions as iTools, 3uTools. You can perform copying, converting music, movies or jailbreak and many other features with 3uTools. Hopefully, you will choose the tool that best suits your needs, thereby better managing your mobile phone.
In the process of using iPhone, unfortunately you encounter error 3194 when restoring, updating iPhone through iTunes software, do not worry about this error, how to fix 3194 error on iPhone when restoring with iTunes is quite simple, Refer to the instructions on that you can do it yourself.


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