How to fix KOPlayer error, the Android emulator software on Windows

Common KOPlayer errors such as being stopped starting when installing to 99%, Xxx Has Stoped, running virtualization on the computer …. Depending on the error, there are different ways to fix errors on KOPlayer. Let’s refer to the following article to be able to fix errors that KOPlayer emulator often encounter.

While users are still busy comparing Bluestacks or Droid4X more powerful, another emulator has quietly launched as KOPlayer. Although it has not been released for a long time, KOPlayer is highly appreciated for its ability to download high-graphics Android games. Surely in the near future, besides Compare Bluestacks and Droid4X We still have to compare these top emulators with KOPlayer. Basically, KOPlayer has an intuitive and easy-to-see interface. The speed of launching and downloading applications, running applications on KOPlayer is also very good. In addition to those advantages, on KOPlayer there are also problems encountered that annoy users. Of course you can fix KOPlayer or encounter very simple. And will guide you a number of ways Fix KOPlayer error most common.

How to fix KOPlayer error, the Android emulator software on Windows

Table of Contents:
1. Fix KOPlayer error that stops being launched when installing to 99% ?.
2. Fix xxx has stoped error on KOPlayer.
3. Run the Virtualization process on the computer.

Instructions for fixing common KOPlayer errors:

1. Fix KOPlayer error that stops being launched when installing to 99%?

Installed to 99% if the error cannot be used, it is really inhibiting. Of course, only a few people who install KOPlayer have this error. If you are unlucky to have the KOPlayer error stop running when installing to 99%, then follow these ways to fix KOPlayer error.

– Turn off KOPlayer and reboot.
This is the simplest and easiest thing you can use to fix KOPlayer errors.
Press X in the corner to turn off KOPlayer.

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Next Restart back to my computer.

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– Turn off the firewall on the computer.
FireWall, also known as a computer firewall, can prevent KOPlayer from starting. So you should turn off the firewall on KOPlayer to avoid unfortunate conflicts.
Access Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Firewall> Turn Windows Firewall On or OFF and choose Turn off.

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2. Fix xxx has stoped error on KOPlayer

You need to check AMD on the computer is supported to install KOPlayer or not.

Download CPUZ software to view AMD information. Download CPU Z, after installation, open the software, at Package You will see AMD info.

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3. Run the Virtualization process on the computer.

Virtualization on the computer, also known as Virtualization Technology, may be the reason why you cannot install and use KO Player. Turn on Virtualization Technology to use this emulator.

Turn on the computer. Press the key quickly Delete on the keyboard. Immediately you have been on BIOS on the computer. In the Virtualization Technology section, Virtualization. Notice that this mode is being disabled Disable.

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Please turn to Enabled to open Virtualization Technology mode.

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Opening virtualization can also help you solve the KOPlayer error that stops being launched when installing to 99% ?. If you cannot install this software, follow the common KOPlayer error fixes.
In addition to KOPlayer, there are many other Android emulators that support users to play games on computers. If you have a strong computer, strong RAM, you can install more emulators in the best Android emulator software rankings. Using more of the best Android emulator software, you will be able to play 2 acc games on the computer. It will be a great trick when you have multiple game accounts, or play additional accounts for example. But note that you need to use a powerful configuration computer if you do not want the situation of lag lag or computer crash occurs.


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