How to fix lag mouse mouse on Windows 10

Error> mouse lag on Windows 10 can occur due to subjective or guest reasons, there are even many different causes causing the phenomenon of lag, slow mouse when using, to make it clear, new friend learn the causes and how to handle in the article below.

Job mouse lag on Windows 10 will make you very uncomfortable, when you manipulate but forever see the mouse cursor move. Cause of this error, there are many causes as well as the ability to make the mouse lag, be slow. Maybe the computer has a problem, the mouse runs out of battery, the mouse connects to bluetooth too far …

Mouse lag, slow on Windows 10 can be due to many different causes

Instructions to fix mouse lag in Windows 10

1. Some basic diagnostics, simple

If you find the computer mouse is laggy, slow and the computer seems to be much slower then try restarting the Windows 10 computer -> then check the mouse for lag again.

You can also use that mouse lag to switch to another computer is used normally to see if the lag is similar to your computer? If the problem persists, while the other mouse is used normally, the problem is with your mouse.

If your computer mouse is lagging, use a different mouse normally on another computer, and then plug in your computer to be lagged like the other mouse, the problem is your computer and not. due to the mouse.

If your computer mouse suddenly becomes laggy, in the past you still use it normally and you know that this error is not caused by the operating system or by virus infection or by using heavy applications. cause slow as Photoshop, Corel … then proceed in the ways in part 2 below.

2. How to fix mouse lag on Win 10

2.1. Replace the batteries

If you use a wireless mouse and suddenly experience this error, while before that, you don’t have to, then try checking the battery again by replacing a new battery or charging the battery -> then you check the situation lag status is not okay.

If the mouse is still new and not in use, it is possible that the battery attached to the mouse has been left for too long or the battery capacity in the battery is not much will also cause mouse lag. The best way is to check, replace or replace the battery to fix it.

Also note that when replacing the battery, make sure the battery compartment is clean, and also check if the metal plating layer in contact with the battery is rusted or corroded for cleaning or must replace the metal plating layer. overcome.

how to fix lag lag on windows 10 2

2.2. Cleaning the mouse

Your computer mouse also needs regular cleaning whether it’s a wired or wireless mouse. You should clean the computer mouse clean the mouse at the bottom because it is likely that your mouse is very dirty, causing loss of sensitivity, leading to mouse lag.

how to fix lag lag on windows 10 3

2.3. Check the USB port to connect the mouse

Use a wired or wireless mouse, but if you have a USB connection, you should be concerned about this as well. Check if the USB is working well, try plugging another device into the usb port to test or simply plug the mouse’s usb port to another port on the computer to check if the mouse is still lag no.

If plugged into another USB port and the mouse is working normally, the reason is the problem with the usb port. If plugging in other ports is the same, even if you use a normal mouse to plug in and still use normally, the problem is with your mouse.

how to fix lag on windows 10 4

2.4. Check your computer mouse driver again

If the mouse driver is incorrect or not suitable for the mouse you are using, it may cause mouse lag, even if it is not usable. The solution is that you need to update the correct driver for the mouse you are using to fix this error.

how to fix lag lag on windows 10 5

You can also try changing the mouse speed to see if the mouse movement is as expected, there is no lag? You do it by going to Control panel -> select mouse -> here, you can choose the mouse pointer speed again. Try increasing it to see if the latency is gone.

how to fix lag lag on windows 10 6

2.5. Check your mouse at Windows Safemode

This way, you simply run Windows 10 in Safemode mode (open Windows 10 in safe mode) -> then you perform the mouse move. If you find that your mouse is no longer lagging, it’s likely that some process or application is interfering with your computer’s performance.

To fix, disable or disable unnecessary applications that are running to check for mouse lag issues. Also, note that you have installed any new applications recently for easy identification. If your computer is using too much RAM due to an application, it can also cause the mouse to lag, and you simply need to stop the process to fix it.

2.6. Check Bluetooth connection

If your mouse has a wireless connection, check it again and make sure it works properly. If you use the mouse too far from the computer, it may cause mouse lag or if the bluetooth dirver you’ve just updated or reinstalled but after updating, reinstalling, it is too late, you just need to remove the bluetooth dirver -> then reinstalling standard bluetooth dirver by mouse will fix it.

how to fix lag lag on windows 10 7

The above is one number of mouse lag issues on Windows 10 users who have been caught up recently. If you use Windows 8.1 and also meet mouse lag error, then immediately consult how to handle that introduced.
And the case computer mouse errors are jumping around there are also many causes. Please refer to details of the causes summarized by for you to detect and fix errors.


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